B.F. Day Shelter-in-Place as Man Spotted with Knife Outside School

Tweet from SPS about an hour ago:

Shelter in place: BF Day after reports of man w/knife outside school. No students involved or injured.  SPD investigating.

The shelter in place was lifted about a half hour later. 


Benjamin Leis said…
*Argg* What is going on this year in the zeitgeist?
mirmac1 said…
Nothing is going on. SPS is being more careful and communicative about safety. That is good. Of course we don't know if it was a swiss army knife or a bowie knife. But I would rather they reacted than what happened during the Cafe Racer tragedy.

Based on my experience at a HS during a Lock down earlier this year, this is a good thing. Students remained calm, staff was hyper-vigilant, and kids learned that they shouldn't take this stuff lightly and must follow staff's orders.
mirmac1 said…
You might wonder why I sound so resolute. Because after Cafe Racer I was perplexed with the utter lack of communication, both external and internal, regarding sound safety measures. In particular I was perplexed that it was school release was business as usual while a mass murderer was wandering West Seattle. I am gratified that SPS now uses the means at its disposal to alert families in real-time.
Steve said…
The B. F. Day principal received a report from a parent about a man with a knife on Fremont Avenue near the school. He responded appropriately by calling the police and district security, locking all external doors (walked the building perimeter to make sure), and having kids shelter in place. No one could find the man. The whole event was over in 20 minutes.

Great work by the principal (Mr. Jaskot) and staff. This is what we practice...

Anonymous said…
I have to say - why isn't there a level between normal ops and shelter in place? This would seem to be that type of situation. Man is outside, not attempting to enter, just in vicinity. WHy not lock down from outside, walk the perimeter, and enact no one in/no one out ... but we all go about the day and learn normally? Because doesn't shelter in place mean you have to sit on the floor without talking away from windows (which would seem to be completely unnecessary in BFDay for a guy with a knife on Fremont?) Or is shelter in place just stay in the building acting normal? Are we overusing the shelter in place description in public discussion, for what is just a lock up, or do I totally misunderstand the levels of response?

Signed: confused
Anonymous said…
You misunderstand the levels of response. Shelter in place DOES mean business as usual except doors into the building are locked so nobody can enter. Classes go on as usual. LOCK DOWN is when kids and staff are locked in the classroom, shades are drawn, doors to classrooms are locked, etc. Nobody moves about the halls.

Sped Staffer

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