Another Marysville Victim Dies

From KING-5 News:

Andrew Fryberg, a 15-year-old Marysville student who was critically injured after another student opened fire inside a high school cafeteria two weeks ago, died Friday from his injuries, Harborview Medical Center officials said.

The last victim, Nate Hatch, went home from the hospital this week.  He and Andrew were best friends. 

The Daily Herald in Everett writes about a gun control bill to be reintroduced in the Legislature:

State Rep. Ruth Kagi, D-Seattle, whose district includes parts of south Snohomish County, for two years has sponsored a bill that would require that guns be safely stored, making it a crime if a person stores or leaves a loaded firearm in a place where a child under 16 could get it.It didn't get out of committee in 2013 and didn't get a hearing in 2014. She said Wednesday she'll try again in 2015. The Legislature convenes in January.

She introduced it because of a series of accidental child deaths and adolescent suicides in Washington involving guns. She thinks loss of life could be reduced with a safe-storage law.

Investigators have not released details of how the legally purchased and registered .40-caliber Beretta was kept, and how shooter Jaylen Fryberg obtained it. 

I support this bill.  I am fine with people owning guns (within reason - no one needs an assault rifle).  Gun owners should be responsible for their guns except if stolen. 

I agree with reader Eric B. who says gun ownership should be like car ownership - you need training, then a license and insurance.  


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