Tenure of Urban Superintendents

Oh look, the average tenure of urban superintendents has gone down to 3.2 years.  FYI, Mayor Murray and Seattle Times.
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mirmac1 said…
For the investment in time and resources to entice these stallions of "education", is it really called for?

Of course not.
Anonymous said…
Personally, I think the bulk of these high-profile urban supes are simply con-artists. They come in, make a few high profile changes so they look like a mover-and-shaker, then before the sh*t really hits the fan, they're on to the next big gig, always staying just a few steps ahead so that no one can clearly see the emperor has no clothes. Early critics are derided as defending the status quo, while most of those who fell for the dog and pony show won't admit to being conned and continue to defend the con artist supe. Deasy in L.A. is a prime example. (Does Deasy rhyme with sleazy?)

Anonymous said…
And the grooming they get from other retired superintendents, like Banda's guy. To show the minimum of passion and vision and the maximum of rhetoric. With public funds.

Let's take the tax-payer blinders off.

word said…
These comments are right on the money!

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