To Our Readers - Happy Thanksgiving

Many issues with our district but let's give thanks for what we do have.

As well, despite hardships and other concerns, let's be grateful and thankful what we do have in our lives.

I hope you feel you have found this blog a place to be heard, to gain and give information and to find some fellowship in this journey of parenting and schooling your children.

 I am an absolute sucker for kids (did you really think it was just a love for public education that keeps me here?).  When I went over to Roosevelt yesterday at the end of their march over the Ferguson decision, I had come into the cafeteria and climbed on a chair to film the crowd. It was so energizing to see all these young faces so determined and positive.  The principal (who I know), Brian Vance, told me to get down. I thought it was because I was on a chair but no, he didn't want me giving them attention; he wanted them back in class.

And I get that but sometimes, when kids find passion and purpose, it is so beautiful.

So be thankful for your beautiful children; I am.


Anonymous said…
I wish. See action Item No. 3 on the Board Mtg. Agenda. Offer Nyland a permanent contract less than 2 weeks after being busted for signing a contract months before the Board's Authority. Oh dear.

Nice timing, indeed.

Unknown said…
Happy belated Thanksgiving to you, Melissa. I'm thankful you're a sucker (and advocate) for kids!

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