"What Did You Learn Today?" "To lay on the rug and be quiet"

Is this truly what we are doing in our schools?  What does this kind of thing do to a 6-year old child?  Or high school kids who watch the news and wonder if their high school is next? 

One good (maybe small but good) step forward: pass 594. 

Next step, make gun owners financially liable for what happens with their guns (if not stolen).  Nothing gets people's attention like their pocketbook. 

My party line is own all the guns you want (within reason - no one needs an semi-automatic assault rifle).  BUT, you should be held responsible for use of said guns.  That's seems a fair trade-off.  And, like cars, you should have to license them, get training to use them and have insurance.


Anonymous said…

Is this our modern (and equally futile) version of "duck and cover?"

Then, it was to try and survive an abstract, esoteric event of a nuclear bomb blast. Now, try to survive a random, heinous hail of bullets.


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