Friday Open Thread

You've heard what's on my mind.

Also, anyone ever hear about any school paying to be accredited?  Except for IB, I haven't and one parent wrote to ask about this (as their principal wants their PTA to pay for it).

What's on your mind?


Watching said…
It should be noted that Seattle's prek program- 1B- is intended to make a profit....:)

Anonymous said…
I have been at a school (PreK) when it asked for fundraising help for accreditation. National accreditation can be an incredibly intense process, requiring reams of paperwork, staff training, facility upgrades, etc. One attempt can take more than a year for preparation and application. All of that takes $$$$. The process, though, can help a school raise its standards, keep its standards high, and market itself to potential enrollees.

Wake up said…
The Seattle Times indicates that Nyland wants a "course correction" with the district's special education department.

Has anyone realized that Nyland has a history of turning low performing schools to the federal government? Of course, he happened to be standing with the Chamber of Commerce.
Anonymous said…

Anonymous said…
Another HCC middle school split (or two) coming. What's going to happen when attendance area general education take up so much space that there's not enough room for even a single self-contained classroom?

Unless HCC gets it's own campus, it seems inevitable.

I'm also curious about the Lincoln situation. Don't they have to be out for the Lincoln refit, yet their new spot at Licton is not going forward due to the heritage designation. Where are they going and when.

I'd also like to know if anybody has an idea of Nyland's feeling about HCC. Since it looks like he may be the next superintendent, he's going to be overseeing any changes in HCC. WHat did they do for gifted students in Marysville during his tenure?

As regards blending the cohort, how is it working at Fairmont Park and are students being blended at JAMS?

lowell parent said…
Why should the pta have to pay for accreditation when it should come from the district and organized by the principal and staff. Our principal wanted just this and we told her to do her job. I'm tired of lazy staff wanting parents to do their job. Give me a break.
Anonymous said…
Is it true Director Peaslee has committed to NOT running again?

Where/when did she say this?

-here's hoping
Joe Wolf said…
Responding to anonymous comment re "Licton" - I'm assuming they mean the Wilson-Pacific campus.

The Landmarks Preservation Board included no controls in their designation of the Wilson-Pacific campus. What that means: The existing structures can be demolished and the new elementary and middle schools built as planned.
Anonymous said…
Thanks Joe, I just remember the discussion on this blog about it and found the original article that said the plans were going to have start from scratch. Glad to hear things will be moving forward and WP will be ready in 2017 as scheduled.

Anonymous said…
Hi Joe,

Do you happen to know if there's any progress on planning for HS capacity issues that are likely to hit in the next couple years, before Lincoln reopens?


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