Call for Parents/Teachers who Face School Closures

A radio producer for KBCS radio is looking for a parent and/or teacher whose school got closed.  She interested in:

How do they handle that, logistically and emotionally? Did they decide to leave the public school system entirely?

Here's her contact info if you are willing to share your experience.
Heidi Lang
Managing Producer, Voices of Diversity
Community Radio KBCS 91.3FM

What:  Voices of Diversity is a weekly talk show that addresses issues with a panel of guests.The show seeks to tell the untold stories in our community as well as celebrate the diversity of cultural expression found in the Northwest. Guests on Voices of Diversity address issues such as racism, sexism and homophobia, as well as the realities of life for vulnerable populations like immigrants and homeless people. Voices of Diversity seeks to literally give voice to those not often heard on the airwaves and to that end, trains community members in radio skills and independent journalism. 


Heidi Lang said…
Heidi here - feel free to send an e-mail, even if it's just to share an idea or suggestion on this topic:


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