TIF Contract Postponed

From headquarters, Dr. Enfield has requested that the TIF consultant contract be moved to the May 4th Board meeting.

Smart girl.  Better for the Board (to do due diligence and oversight), better for staff (to be able to coherently explain it to the Board and the public) and better for the public who barely had 2 days to read and think about it.  


Central Mom said…
Good move.

What happened to the principal's bonus that was linked into TIF...they were supposed to have an eval system in place for teachers right about now in order to get that bonus. I think....
Salander said…
Central Mom-

The District bought a "canned" "research based" evaluation program created by an ed reform group.

There is evidence that, in order to earn their recent raise, principals have quotos of teachers to discipline based in this model.

Of course those teachers who question the evaluation model (those with teaching experience beyond a few years) are those who must be disciplined. In order to recieve the highest rating teachers must rat out other teachers- here is one of many questionable passages from the teacher scorecard---The teacher displays the highest standards of ethical conduct and takes a leadership role in seeing that colleagues comply with school and district regulations.
Dorothy Neville said…
Salander, can you tell us more?

What evaluation program was purchased?

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