Turn Your Back for Just a Minute...

I have been out of town (unexpectedly) dealing with elder care issues for my mother.  Can I just offer some advice before I move on to education issues?

1) wondering what field your children can find jobs doing in the future?  Remember The Graduate's word was "plastics"?   The word for this generation is..."geriatrics."  Remember that. 

There will be work in all directions for anyone who wants a job because senior care cannot be outsourced, is very individual and hands-on and is multi-faceted.  From medical to technical to social work to management - you name it, there's a job in geriatrics. And, there's going to be millions of baby boomers who need help AND these are people who are likely to live a long,long time. These are not old people; these are elderly people (and there is a difference).   Tell your child to just figure out all the ins and outs of Medicare and they have a job for life. 

If you think education is confusing, try elder care.

2) Most of you are probably younger than me but really, talk to your parents NOW about wills, health directives and what they want their old age to look like.  You cannot wait until there is a crisis because you will be in a for rude surprise. 

End of sermonizing but seriously, it is a frustrating, sad road to go down (and don't get me started on if you and your siblings don't agree what the "best" thing for Mom or Dad).


Herb said…
I'm in a similar situation. You're spot on. Elder care is confusing enough for tech-savvy middle-aged children. Navigating the system can be flat-out impossible for seniors. And the nursing homes... sheesh. I hope there's a major upgrade in geriatric care before I get there (knock wood).
Arnold said…
Great to have you back.

I've missed your posts.
mirmac1 said…
I'm sure Gates will "charterize" senior care next...
KG said…
Bill Gates said public employees have to large of pensions.

He has 55 billion or more and that is not enough, is it?
Johnny Calcagno said…
Melissa -

With respect to your personal situation, we wish you the best. Good luck and take care!
Jan said…
Melissa: I second Johnny. All of us on similar roads have an inkling of what you are dealing with, and we wish you all good things.
Anonymous said…
"With respect to your personal situation, we wish you the best. Good luck and take care!"

Ditto for me. I couldn't say it better than the way Johnny put it.

ken berry
peonypower said…
good luck and I hope things get better. There are some resources out there but having everyone on the same page and putting things in writing helps. Been doing the elder dance for about 8 years so I know how it feels.
India Carlson

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