Meetings This Week

Audit and Finance Committee Mtg, 4-6 p.m.   This meeting will focus on Audit issues.  There are several debriefings like IA meetings with the City, discussion with Don McAdams (a district consultant), salary benchmarks and internal audit manager posting. 

Executive Committee Mtg, 8 am-10am.   Quite a packed agenda.   Materials adoptions for LA, Social Studies and music instruction, academic calendars, consulting services for TIF, ethics agreement with the City and partnering with the City, community engagement, and a raft of discussion items like superintendent evaluation, CFO/COO search process, protocol for following up on public testimony (really?) and much more.  There's also some sort of amendment to a contract at Denny/Sealth to rebuild the previously torn out tennis courts/softball field.  (You remember this one - it's a rebuild of something we paid for under BTA II.)  Looks like more money.

It's a jammed packed two hours and I say, good luck, kids. 

Community Meeting with Director Sundquist from 11 a.m.-12:30 pm. at Delridge Library.

Work Session on Community Partnerships, 4-5:30 p.m.  This is followed by another Work Session from 6-7:30 p.m. entitled Strategic Plan Refresh.

 It appears that they are double-booked for committee meetings as there is both an A&F meeting and Operations meeting at the same time.  Maybe they are having them in different places or if this is just an error.  I'll find out tomorrow.  
Audit and Finance Committee Mtg, 4-6 p.m.  This meeting will focus on Finance issues and the agenda looks pretty standard.  They are going to be discussing fees for 2011-2012 so that may be of interest. 


Charlie Mas said…
I'm looking forward to the Strategic Plan Refresh. There are a lot of questions that need to be answered and this meeting would be the right place to answer them.

1. What projects or initiatives are part of the Strategic Plan?

1a. What projects or initiatives were part of the Strategic Plan but have been dropped?

1b. Can we get a table showing when each project was added or removed?

1c. Who decided when projects would be added or removed from the Plan? How was the decision announced?

2. What is the status of each project relative to the project's timetable? Every project is required to have a detailed timetable.

3. What is the status of each project relative to the project's budget? Every project is required to have a budget.

4. What is the status of each project's compliance with the Community Engagement Protocols? Every project is required to meet the Community Engagement Protocol.

5. Which projects merit continuation, which merit addition, and which merit deletion? Who makes those decisions and how will they be announced?
Charlie Mas said…
What the heck is the work session on community partnerships about?

Here is the agenda.

Here is the

I've looked at them and I'm still not sure.
Charlie Mas said…
I just took a look at the agenda and presentation for the Strategic Plan Refresh.


Still no list of Strategic Plan projects and initiatives.

Still no comprehensive survey of progress.

Still no comprehensive budget review.

Still no accountability regarding the community engagement protocols.

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