Monday Morning Good News

First up are two pieces of good news from the northwest corner of the district.

My Ballard reports that a Salmon Bay student, Leo Pfeifer, won recognition by C-SPAN for his documentary, "Homelessness: An American Crisis."  He is one of 30 students to be recognized out of 1,100 entries and won 1 of 4 second prizes ($1500, not shabby).   On Friday, he and his cameraman, Ian Derby,  will be honored at an assembly at Salmon Bay and presented with a check. 

From the district's website, Ballard High band director, Michael James, was selected as one of five directors from around the country to receive a full scholarship to the Lincoln Center's Band Director Academy.  He was chosen based on the quality of recordings submitted to the Essentially Ellington Jazz Festival.  More jazz band honors for SPS.

Also, Bryant and Thurgood Marshall won the City Finals in the 2011 Global Reading Challenge.  They advance to the Video Conference final with Canada (Oh, Canada, you can't win against these kids) on Friday, April 15th.  This year 45 SPS elementaries participated. 

Congratulations to all these high-achievers!


Unknown said…
Congratulationis to all. Especially to our Salmon Bay student. As an alternative school, I'm wondering if it was on the chopping block? Alternative schools are very important to many kids. In fact, I think more children would benefit from an alternative style of teaching than have the option. It promotes "thinking" as opposed to practicing skills.
Anonymous said…
Melissa - just want to say I always enjoy it when you post these bits of good news. It's always a good reminder that despite all the frustrations with SPS administration, there are some great students and teachers out there. Jane

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