Missing Child Alert

From the Queen Anne View blog:

A 13-year-old Queen Anne boy has been missing since yesterday, Wednesday, April 6. Brad George, who lives at the McGraw Residential Center, part of the Seattle Children’s Home, was last on Wednesday at 11:40 a.m. seen near the center, at 10th and McGraw, according to his mother Gina Latshaw.

Brad is 5’1”, 128 pounds, a medium build with blue eyes, dark brown hair and light complexion. He was last seen wearing black shorts,  a teal thermal shirt and purple Converse shoes.

Brad is prone to seizures, and takes daily anticonvulsants medication. Without his medication Brad’s caregivers warn that he may become confused or have unusual episodes.

If you have seen Brad, or have any information about his whereabouts, please call Seattle Police at 206-683-8917, or call 911 and reference PD Case Number 11-109938.

His parents must be worried sick.  Please keep an eye out for a boy with this description and let others know about him as well. 

There's a photo and pdf flyer at the link.


Anonymous said…
Seattle PI says the boy has been found.

seattle citizen said…
Yea! I kept checking QA blog to see....I'm glad!

Thanks, reader!
hschinske said…
Reader, I'm afraid that's an article from last year. The same kid has run away multiple times.

Helen Schinske
StepJ said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
seattle citizen said…
Q13 Fox reports the boy has been found.

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