News Flash - TIF Consultant Contract Action Deferred

I just had a call from the School Board office. Action on the TIF consultant contract has been deferred to the May 4 meeting.

Here is a link to the updated agenda for the April 6 meeting.

This is a positive sign for the Board and their effectiveness as a governance and oversight body.


CT said…
So the TIF consultant contract action may have been deferred, but things are hopping in the state legislature.
Hey look - the we-hate-teachers-lets-lay-them-off bill is back again in another form, with the lovely deceptive wording that has so characterized many of the assaults on public education and public school teachers.

Courtesy of Senators Tom and Zarelli.

dan dempsey said…
Hey check the number of people on the Wait list.

Do we now believe someone might be listening?

Well terrific. I hope that is true.
dan dempsey said…
CT... Thanks for the heads up on....

"Excellent teachers for every student act" ... great marketing ... but I don't think I'll buy it.

Certificated classroom teachers who received the lowest evaluation rating, as described in RCW 28A.405.100 must have their contracts nonrenewed

Here is the link to that RCW

So my 4 boys are raised and thank God My grand-daughter goes to school outside Washington.

..... I can hardly wait for more about TIF from the SPS.

Number 3 son is graduating with a masters in teaching in May ... and is applying for several jobs outside WA State.
dan dempsey said…
Oh try this part from the wise legislators:

Reforming the statewide salary allocation schedule and national board bonuses to ensure that state appropriations are rationally allocated using an evidence-based pay schedule that rewards teachers who are making a positive difference toward educational attainment of their students.

This should be called "the Teachers leave your school immediately, if it contains a high percentage of educationally disadvantaged learners bill."

Eric Pettigrew of the 37th submitted essentially the same BS in the House and thankfully it went nowhere. Little wonder Cleveland HS, RBHS, and Aki Kurose have a hard time with Reps Santos and Pettigrew providing representation from the 37th. Santos Chairs the House Education Committee.

So now we have the Zarelli, Tom sequel to the House Bill.

So where is this wonderful fair evaluation tool for the termination of teachers?

Looks like a "Sue your local school district for wrongful termination bill" from here.

To improve a system requires the intelligent application of relevant data......

Apparently State Legislators just DO NOT Get it.
Chris S. said…
Hey, to all those out there who think you can never make the bloggers happy: I LIKE THIS! (the deferral)
Charlie Mas said…
I wouldn't describe my feeling as happy, just confused. How and why did this happen?

Was it a decision by the Board - newly practising oversight - so the directors can have time to review the contract?

Was it a decision by the Board - newly committed to public input - so the public can have time to review the contract?

Was it a decision by the Board - now currying favor in an election year - in response to letters asking them to defer the vote?

Was it a political smackdown on Ms de Barros by the Board to express their disfavor for this last-minute document (following her last-minute CSIPs in November)?

Was it a political smackdown on Ms de Barros by the superintendent to express her disfavor for this last-minute document (following the last-minute CSIPs in November)?

Was it a decision by the superintendent made out of her commitment to public input?

Was it a decision by the superintendent made out of her commitment to Board oversight?

Was it a decision by the superintendent made in response to letters from the public?

Was it something else entirely?

All of these possibilities are new and disorienting.

The official story is that the superintendent made the decision to defer the vote. No rationale is given.
Chris S. said…
Charlie, IMHO most of those possibilities are a big improvement. Yeah, I'm easy.

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