Tell Your Search for K-12 School on KUOW

From KUOW's The Conversation producer, David Hyde:

We’re doing a show tomorrow that’s tentatively titled, “what are you doing to get your kid into K-12 school? (public or private).” 

I’m looking for people who can tell us their personal stories on the air sometime between 12:40 and 1 pm tomorrow.  If you know anyone with an interesting story to tell please pass this on, and I can call in the morning to discuss it (between 9 and 10:30 am).  I would need two numbers:  the 12:40 and 1 pm number (land line).  And the morning / backup cell number.

Or if any of your blog readers is interested, they can call our feedback line and leave a message (with contact information) @ 206 221 3663. 


seattle citizen said…
Ach, when I first read this post, I read it as "what are you doing to get your child into A k-12 school," not "into k-12 school," and I thought, but they've closed Summit! WHAT "K-12" school?!

THAT would have been an interesting story, too..."What are you doing to advocate for A k-12 school in your district so your child can go to it?"
SeattleSped said…
How about you try to get your special needs child into the least restrictive environment learning with their peers, and you end up getting tired of the BS and move to Mercer Island?

That's a good story.
seattle citizen said…
That would be a sad story for Seattle, SeattleSped.

That IS a story KUOW should report on. I hope they do. The story about getting IN to public schools is much less interesting: For many families, I suspect, public schools are the default. But when you have to get your student OUT because LRE isn't offered...THAT is the story.
Anonymous said…
That would be my story Sped. But you're missing the part about how we are willing to send the keys back to the bank if we can't sell our Seattle home this summer. Man, the things you'll do for your kids.

-Sad, But True, or Desperate Times Call For.... (both signatures seem fitting right now)
SeattleSped said…
Ok, SBToDTCF, you got me beat.
zb said…
How is Mercer's implementation of SpEd better?

Is it an individual set of programs, greater availability of services because there's more or more flexible money, an individual who is more responsive?
Anonymous said…
They have more money in Mercer Island for special ed because most of the special education parents are lawyers. If they are not special education lawyers, they've at least got the bucks to nail their district and they have. So, MI coughs up more dough for special education though the state funding is identical. And they do spend big bucks on sped in MI, usually in the form of lots of classroom aides. SPS is a bit larger, so it can concentrate its legal efforts into avoiding service instead of providing it, and the parents aren't as wealthy as a group to mount a collective or sustained response. Plus, SPS tends to provide good special education services to those it know have the means to defend themselves. Thereby they avoid getting the destrict nailed. But then, they leave everyone else behind.

Wow. The sending your keys back to the bank in order to get special education is heavy duty. I hope you do get that on KUOW, covers several stories at once and has drama.

sped parent
Jet City mom said…
a few years ago ( ok maybe 10) Mercer island didnt have SPED that was appropriate for every child & we know a Greenwood family who moved to MI because the the school district paid for private placement.

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