That Was Fast

From Crain's, Cathleen Black, the newly installed Chancellor of Schools in NYC, has resigned.    No big surprise because:

Ms. Black ascended to the city's top education post last fall amid heavy criticism that she was not a suitable choice. She had no professional background in education and no direct experience with the city's public school system, having sent her children to boarding school in Connecticut. 

Critics said her only qualification was that she traveled in the same high-powered Manhattan circuit as Mr. Bloomberg. It was only after the Bloomberg administration struck a deal with the state Board of Regents that Ms. Black was granted a waiver (for not having the required education experience) that she was allowed to become chancellor. 

In that deal, a largely unknown former principal and education administrator was appointed to the newly created post of chief academic officer. It was hoped that Shael Polakow-Suransky would silence critics and allow Ms. Black to learn the ropes and move forward. 

I guess having a CAO educator wasn't enough.  


Anonymous said…
Oh, I bet Tom Payzant's busily fabricating Black's tremendous successes in her, too short, tenure. Tell the District Administrator mag to stop the presses!

Grumpy too said…
Maybe Bloomberg should go.
Anonymous said…
Maybe Payzant should go too.

seattle citizen said…
"It was hoped that [NYC CAO] Shael Polakow-Suransky would silence critics [of departing non-educator Chancellor Cathleen Black]..."

I'll bet: Mr. P-S "graduated" Broad Academy, 2008. "Silence critics" with Broad twisted-data-babble, maybe.

Given Broad's twisting of data, it is ironic that Mr. P-S was, before becoming CEO, NYC's Chief Accountability Officer.
Sahila said…
Seems to be something in the water today... maybe its that radiation we're all breathing and drinking, but another Broadie Toadie plant bit the dust today - LaVonne Sheffield, Superintendent, Rockford, Illinois..... yeah, yeah and triple yeah!!!
dan dempsey said…
Friday 4/8/10

New Chancellor is on front page of NY Times =>
Patrick said…
Good, though it really makes me wonder about the judgment of Bloomberg appointing her. If you were appointing someone to be district attorney, would you pick a non-lawyer with no experience in the legal system besides having gotten a ticket once? If you were appointing the head of a large hospital, would you appoint a non-doctor with no experience in health care? If you were appointing a police chief, would you pick someone with no experience in policing?

Why does teaching get so little respect?

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