Looking for Host Families

A local exchange group is looking for host families for Spanish teens this summer from roughly July 1-31.   I've hosted students in the past and it is fun and a very good opportunity to learn a new language (good for your kids, too).   This is an open hosting experience meaning the student will spending most of his/her time with the hosting family.

From the e-mail:

The students that will be visiting Seattle are fully insured, speak both English and Spanish, and bring their own spending money. They are excited to practice English with your family, experience authentic American life/culture/food, and assimilate into the daily routine of a typical American family for four weeks. They will require their own bed, but not necessarily their own room. If you have teens in your household that is a plus, but not a requirement!

There are multiple benefits in hosting a Spanish-speaking student which include: improved motivation/
achievement in your own student’s study of the Spanish language, increased interest in world culture and travel,an opportunity to be an “ambassador” of sorts by sharing the many wonderful things that Seattle has to offer,and the possibility of future travel to Spain to stay with your newly extended European family!

I encourage you to discuss with your family the benefits and challenges of this NON-ACADEMIC, purely FUN, summer experience. Please feel free to contact me through the below contact information and visit the websites to learn more. And while not every family can be guaranteed a student to host, it is important that we find as many families as possible in order to ensure that these students will indeed have a home to stay in next summer. My team and I will work hard to find a student that matches the interests of your family!

¡Muchas Gracias!

West Seattle Resident,
Andrew Ward




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