Proposed Bus Arrival Times

The district has put out the bus arrival/departure times for next year.    It doesn't say preliminary or draft at the top but I don't think this has been signed off on yet.  I believe the final decision will come in early May. 

Note:  the bell times will be somewhat variable as the listed times are for BUSES, not bell times.  The schedule says that "morning start times are generally 15 minutes after bus arrival.  Afternoon end times are generally 5-10 minutes prior to the bus departure.)

I don't see a lot of change at the high school level (although it seems that Cleveland has a slightly longer day than other schools starting at the same time.)  I note that West Seattle used to start at 8:10 am and it appears they will start around 7:50 am.

All of the K-8s start around 9:10 am with middle schools starting around 7:50 am (except for Jane Addams at 8:20 am and Denny with a TBD designation).    The outliers are Pinehurst which ends 10 minutes earlier than the other K-8s and Aki Kurose which gets out nearly an hour later than the other middle schools (but starts at the same time). 

It looks like elementaries start either around 8:30 am or 9:00 am.  There are a few outliers (Hawthorne and West Seattle but they already operate on a longer day/longer year schedule). 

I'm a little confused because I thought they going to go towards later start times for high school and middle school.  Maybe that's next year?


Po3 said…
Currently we have to get the middle school bus at 7:10, meaning we leave the house at 7am. This is for the current 8:05 start. Back that up 15 minutes for a 7:50 start and that puts us leaving the house at 6:45 to catch the bus at 6:55. That is if the bus stop remains 10 minutes from our house...

Who thinks this stuff up? And when will we see the savings of this change in service?
Lori said…
Most of the elementaries have buses arriving at 840 (so an 855 start) or 915 (so a 930 start time).

It will be interesting to see how this plays out. It doesn't look possible, time-wise, for a bus to drop kids off at the neighborhood schools at 840, load up with the Lowell and TOPS kids who are waiting there because it's their new community stop, and still get to TOPS by 9AM (then on to Lowell by 915). Less than 20 minutes to load all the kids and get across the ship canal from NE Seattle? Plus, there will still be some non-school-based community stops they have to make that will slow things down. Perhaps the TOPS/Lowell share route isn't going to happen. I don't see how it can work with these times.
Unknown said…
Correction -- the K-8's are much more dividing than Meliss'as original post suggests. The chart shows 5 with 9:00 start time (AS#1, Blaine, Orca, South Shore and TOPS). And 3 with 8:00 ish starts, Jane Addams, Pathfinder and Salmon Bay.
BL said…
I wonder if they are letting go of shared routes between Lowell and TOPS--at least in the afternoon. Both schools have the same departure time.

Also, regarding transportation from NE Seattle, the grandfathered transportation for TOPS only includes kids in the old Northwest and Queen Anne/Magnolia Clusters. There probably won't be stops at TOPS on routes from NE Seattle.

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