Election Update

 New numbers from King County elections:

Position 1
Maier   51.94
Peaslee  36.67
Cummings 10.71

Mostly the same with Peter going up 1%.

Position 2
Carr  40.55
Martin  30.24
Whelan  17.53
Menage  5.69
Weber  5.27

Again, almost exactly where we left them last night.

Position 3
Martin-Morris  41.92
Buetow  28.59
Dunn  26.15

Again, virtually the same.  Buetow has 291 more votes than Dunn.  I'm thinking this one could go through the weekend.

Position 6
Sundquist  43.91
McLaren  29.78
Anderson  21.06

Sundquist goes up about 1% but again, about the same.

I'm thinking except for Position 3, the top two candidates in each race have been decided. 


Anonymous said…
I hope the incumbants take a big long look at these #s. At least 50%or more of voters are saying that they/we are not happy with the status quo. If re-elected, will the incumbents address the concerns of that dissatisfied constituency. Not. They are extremely complacent.

Christina said…
I'm guessing not many District 1 voters have children in Seattle Public Schools, nor care about how their school taxes are being used. Maybe lots of them are busing their kids to Shoreline or getting them to private schools. I dunno. It's hard to imagine anyone who's paid attention over the last four years, or who cares about math curriculum adoption, or who's tracked corporate campaign donations voting in favor of the incumbent.

I dutifully talked to a few voters but many of those were filling in their mail-in ballots at 4:25 pm Tuesday afternoon.
whitney said…
I just saw tonight's Board vote to approve the two TFA hires --

I need yard signs -- NOW!! -- to support Peaslee, Buetow or Dunn, Martin, and McLaren.

I will do ANYTHING in my power to defeat all Board members who voted for TFA tonight -- who voted that teaching is not a profession but a past time for any college grad that needs a job. Does no one read or understand global education trends and what really works in education? Successful countries realize that teaching is a PROFESSION, not a past time.

And shame on Patu and Smith-Blum for "abstaining." This is a worthless, cowardly vote. A "no" vote is what was called for.

Where can I get yard signs? And where are the campaign meetings? I want to become active in this fight.
basically said…
I want yard signs too!! I tried to email Kate's campaign email to get one before but they never responded. I live on a busy corner! Tell me where to go!
Kathy said…

If you would like to help Sharon Peaslee contact me at K.Smith1965@aol.com.

If you would like to help Michelle Buetow- contact her via her fb page or campaign site.

Christina, Don't give up. Get involved.
whitney said…
Maybe there needs to be ONE central opposition campaign headquarters -- one that could gather hundreds of yard signs of all challengers for distribution -- a central location for all of us to gather forces rather than asking campaign to campaign. Let's unite!
Kathy said…

You can begin by donating- even if it is $10. Encourage friends and family to do the same.

I know Michelle Buetow (hopefully she will make it out) and Sharon Peaslee have donation sites on their web pages.
Steveroo said…

Marty McLaren has nice 2 1/4" blue buttons that can be a conversation piece if you're talkative or a quiet little billboard if you're not.

Also, if you're interested in helping out, see Marty4SSD.com - Support Marty
Rooster said…
Does Ms Buetow support TFA ? How about Peasley ? Mclaren ? Martin ?
I'm sure Mr Dunn would not.
Anonymous said…
I supported challengers even before the board vapproval, (abstention, same biz). First order of business come 1/1/2012 is 1) start search for a new superintendent; and 2) terminate the TFA MOU.

Mr. Ed
Hen said…
Peaslee supports teachers- not TFA.
dan dempsey said…
I was at the Board meeting tonight. A big question would be: Does the SEA support TfA?

Both Olga and VP Jonathan Knapp were slated to testify.

Knapp was to testify on TfA conditional certification.

Olga mentioned how Dr. Enfield was collaborative and so MOUs were possible unlike with MGJ.

Jonathan Knapp entered the room and spoke a few words with Michael Tolley at the back of the room and then Knapp left.

Shortly thereafter Steve Sundquist mentioned that Mr. Knapp would not be testifying.

So where does the SEA stand on TfA ,,, and how would anyone know?

Looks like four new school directors are needed.

So what is up with the SEA Pres and VP? Hope the SEA members like the MOUs they will usually not be voting on.
Anonymous said…
Kay Smith-Blum voted yes to allow TfA. Interesting that she abstained from the vote that would enact her TfA support. My guess is that she is getting some serious heat from constituents and/or is seeing the tidal wave of disgust about TfA (as evidenced by the Seattle Times comment section) and is trying to back away after the fact.

Betty Patu voted no on TfA (the only no vote). She is an ardent supporter of the profession of teaching. My guess is that she abstained because TfA is currently a done deal, and she didn't want to put out a negative to the overnight teachers themselves who about to get free on-the-job training on the backs of students of color living in poverty.

--new board now
StopTFA said…
What is unfortunate is, the ONE promising teacher recruit (who would do well to get REAL training not TFA crap) was dropped because of objections raised by Jonathan Knapp. I don't blame him or SEA for pointing out apparent issues with the hiring process. I hope Desiree Robinette looks at an Alt Rte 3 program at a local university and works as an intern teacher. She could have her certificate in nearly the same amount of time, but would not be "teacher of record."

Oh, and I'm not going away.
I believe all the challengers are against including TFA in hiring. Michelle Buetow has a nuanced view that is best explained by her.

It's best to check with the candidates about specific issues.
Anonymous said…
whitney and basically,

Kate Martin's contact information is on her website here:


You can also "message" her on Facebook.

She collects addresses and then drops off signs a couple times a week.

Kate Martin said…
Thanks, Dave. I'm sorry that I missed getting a yard sign out, Whitney. Just give me a call or shoot me an email and I'll get one right out to you...and anyone else who would like one.
voter said…
Latest results are posted-

Buetow is ahead of Dunn by only 176 votes. Peaslee, Martin, and McLaren have maintained their position for the general election.

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