Agendas For This Week's Meetings

The agendas for the Executive Committee meeting on Wednesday morning and the Audit& Finance Committee meeting (Audit) on Thursday afternoon have been posted.

Executive Committee Agenda -  There is an item for Government Relations (no details), Community Engagement (no details, no surprise), and then Discussion.

Under Discussion there is:
  • Ethics Policy - I believe Mr. Barnett from the City may be giving this update.
  • Update on Public Survey from Director DeBell (not sure what this is referencing)
  • Board retreat follow-up
  • Intermediate Capacity Management Plan - status and legislative calendar
  • IT Strategic Plan
  • Parents Bill of Rights 
  • Program Placement Policy
  • Board calendar/workplan
  • Communications/community partnerships
That's a lot to cover in two hours.

Audit & Finance Committee (Audit) agenda - Audit response, Department of Internal Audit work plan,  Series 5000 Phase II policies.   There is one vague item - Special Attention Items (no details). 

I note that Mr. Cerqui is a district lawyer and will be part of the discussion around the Series 5000 policies which deal with personnel.   Part of this Series' changes were already approved and this phase is around items like anti-retaliation policy, ethics, job sharing, school governance, and safety. 

This series, like the others, is very hard to follow with changes.  I may have to make an appt with Erin Bennett in the Board office and see if I can sit down with her and understand where all this information is and how to read it.  She did show me how to reference these in old Board agendas but I'm not sure I understand all that I am reading. 

Also, to note there is a FACMAC meeting this week on Thursday, November 10th from 10 am to noon in Room 2750 and it is open to the public..   Also, here's a link to Intermediate Term Capacity Management FAQs so far. 

Their goal is to have their initial recommendations by November 17th.  Those recs would go to Dr. Enfield who, with staff, would add any additional recs and have the entire thing go to the Board for a Work Session around the 21st or 22nd.    There will then be the public engagement meetings on December 5th, 6th and 8th and then a meeting with the Board as a whole at an Operations Committee meeting on December 15th.   


Charlie Mas said…
I think the Executive Committee now has these standing agenda categories such as Legislative Agenda, Government Relations, and Community Engagement. They always have those sections to their agenda even if they have nothing in them.

I'm intrigued by a number of the items for discussion.

I think Mel is right about the Ethics Policy. It will be a presentation of the proposed policy.

I don't know what public survey is referenced, but I would guess it is the one on traits wanted in the next superintendent.

The follow up on the Board Retreat is a positive thing if they use it as an opportunity to monitor progress on actions they agreed to take.

There are a couple status updates. That's good and normal.

I have no idea what Director Sundquist would regard as a Parents Bill of Rights, but I'm very sure that there will be no penalty for violating it. Guarantees are only as good as the people standing behind them. That makes all of the District's guarantees worthless.

I wonder if the reference to Program Placement Policy is a result of a suggestion I made that the Board vote to suspend it. Since they have no problem with the superintendent violating the policy, I said that it would be more honest for them to vote to suspend it than for them to simply ignore the violation of it.

I would be grateful for the transparency and honesty of a vote to suspend, but I would really much rather they simply followed the policy.
SP said…
Tomorrow's (Wed. 9th) Board Work Session "Student's Rights & Responsibilities" has an agenda posted also- on the main Board page, along with a 58 page presentation.

(once again, prominent mistakes on WAC's cite numbering, but worse than that- using incomplete & edited quotes from the WAC which changes the whole meaning and definition of "exceptional misconduct", for example)

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