Poll on School Board Races

Cliff Mass has created an on-line poll about the School Board races.   It is set up so you can only vote once.  Not scientific but interesting to check out.

(Okay, so I had put a link but it only shows results.  Hmm, could someone put up a link in the comments?)



Christina said…
If someone can prove me wrong then do so, but I think the EasyPolls.net cookies collect IP address info and thus prevent people from voting over and over again.

If you supply a link to a poll you've already voted on to someone who hasn't yet voted, they'll get the list of candidates and checkboxes. When someone clicks the Vote button to submit their choices, they see the results.

Here's the EasyPolls.net link I supplied at 7:51AM on this blog.
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Anonymous said…
I have been able to vote multiple times, same IP, same computer. Just clear my cache between.

signed - not taking these results as official
Patrick said…
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Patrick said…
(sarcasm) Sure, everybody has one and only one IP address.

A poll as poorly conceived as this is worse than no poll at all.
dan dempsey said…
The poll may be pathetic but its quality is far better than the performance of those Directors currently seeking reelection.
Anonymous said…
clearing cache dosen't allow me to revote. you sure Dir sundquist you just don't like the results?

bye bye
Anonymous said…
I just got to tell Peter Maier that I wasn't voting for him - face-to-face as he was canvassing our neighborhood. I was polite but adamant.

Felt pretty good - but wish I would have been more specific and told him why.

Maybe then he would reconsider listen to his constituency next time he holds public office - because that is the number one reason why he is not getting my vote. Talking to him throughout the school closures was like talking to a brick wall - he couldn't have been less interested in what the affected parents/families had to say.

Of course, they believe that we're dumb and they are smart. Well - I'm not too dumb to fill out a ballot and vote them out.

-Cautiously Hopeful
Anonymous said…
Tonight just as we were sitting down to dinner the phone rang. Since we are unlisted and on the do-not-call list it's usually someone I need to talk to. To my surprise, right at 5:50 pm, it's a recording of Marty McLaren: "I really wish I could talk to you in person..."

I want to elect someone who is RESPONSIVE TO CONSTITUENT NEEDS. Who the heck calls during dinner hour? The fact that she would set her system to do that is evidence to me she thinks she knows best, and "if she decides it's right" she's going to go with her decision, no matter what community input is.

Walked over to my neighbor's to pick up a kid a few minutes later, her phone rings, same call: as she's setting her meal on the table.

I may still vote for Marty despite this big incivility. Some of her positions I really like. What I don't like is this kind of hubris. Marty, if you are elected, I hope you will bring an attitude of open-mindedness to the possibility you are not always right, in addition to other skills I know you have.

Please Listen to Our Needs
suep. said…
@ Please Listen -- political and nonprofit calls are often made around dinner time precisely because that's when people are home.

Where do you get "hubris" out of that? Hubris would be a candidate not bothering to contact voters at all because they're so sure they're going to win. That's not the case here. At least Marty is trying to win your vote.

And I don't follow the logic of your next paragraph. Seems like quite a stretch to me. (Also, wouldn't walking to your neighbors' to pick up your kid in the middle of your dinner be a bigger interruption than Marty's call?)

I'm impressed that Marty has the wherewithal and campaign savvy to do these calls at all. Heck, that's the kind of "professionalism" someone like Lynne Varner at the Times would applaud.

The "Do Not Call" option, btw, doesn't apply to charitable and nonprofit organizations. That's a pretty big loophole that allows a lot of political organizations through.
CCM said…
I kind of "chuckled" at the "dinner hour comment - as we don't have dinner until around 7pm.

Family life is very different than it used to be and I don't really know that there is a defined dinner hour for everyone anymore.

My husband doesn't even get home from work until 6:30pm-6:45pm -- so in order for us to have dinner together we eat late.

Suspect many families are like that.

If someone calls when we are eating dinner - we don't answer it - period.

I believe that your answering machine will pick up a Robo call so you can listen when it is more convenient for you.
Paul said…
Say Anonymous

Yes, those calls are a bother.

But Marty is a first time grass roots candidate with few friends in the community of wealth east of Seattle, who can afford to buy her cable TV ads (Harium & Peter) or slick mailings that huge donations can buy.

I hang up on recorded calls myself but I also read between the lines about who trys to buy elections with "out of district" or aristocratic money, and who rises from the community and fights against the well-heeled with only the proverbial "sling-shot" that a shoestring budget can afford.
Anonymous said…
I despise robo-calls at any time of day. But they work.

Like negative campaigning, we all say we hate it, but we all know the talking points. If it didn't work, they wouldn't do it. WSDWG
Chris S. said…
My mother used to rail about dinner-time phone calls. Fortunately, in the 21st century, we have voice mail. Plus, if you are tempted to answer, you can turn off the ringer.

The nice thing about robocalls is they leave a message and go away. Not like people who are hired to bug you until you say "No" six times.
Phil said…
Although all I got was results after my first vote a couple days ago, today I was able to vote a second time.

Thought I'd throw Peter a sympathy vote to play with the "slope" but could'nt even go THAT far. And I've known him for years.

Familiarity breeds what again?
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