The Place to Go for School Board Election Results

Here's a link to the page on the King County Elections web site for results on Seattle School Board elections:

Here's a link to the results for the Families and Education Levy (scroll to the bottom):

These vote counts are scheduled to be updated once every business day at 4:30pm.

Here are the results as of November 14, 4:10pm

Director District No. 1

Peter Maier5963350.66%

Sharon Peaslee5768649.00%

Director District No. 2

Sherry Carr6211953.60%

Kate Martin5329145.98%

Director District No. 3

Harium Martin-Morris6970460.19%

Michelle Buetow4558739.36%

Director District No. 6

Steve Sundquist5411146.74%

Marty McLaren6112952.81%


Proposition No. 1 Regular Tax Levy Including Families and Education

LEVY, YES8971161.85%

LEVY, NO5537238.15%


Anonymous said…
One or more of these races could, in the end, be close. I urge everyone to check to see that their ballots have been counted. You can track your ballot here:

I dropped my ballot in the drop box this weekend, and it hasn't been counted yet.

dan dempsey said…
Times article=>

by Rosenthal

3 Seattle School Board incumbents leading; President Steve Sundquist in trouble

Powered by support from the Seattle teachers union, West Seattle challenger Marty McLaren led Seattle School Board President Steve Sundquist with 51 percent of the votes in initial returns. The other incumbents appeared headed for re-election.

So what did the Teacher's Union do?
Anonymous said…
Melissa or Charlie: Do you know which or how many board members do not support Dr. Enfield? With Steve likely being replaced with a non-supporter, do you think there will be a national search for a superintendent?

A friend of Seattle
Anonymous said…
What about the missing ballots?

Will any results be contested?

Steveroo said…

The SEA endorsed two candidates - McLaren and Dunn. Dunn didn't make it past the primary. So much for the teachers' union "powering" a win.

Among the general public, McLaren was more electable from the start. She raised a little more than half as much money as Sundquist - something no other challenger accomplished. How many of those contributions were from teachers? I don't know, but probably not most of them.
mirmac1 said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Steveroo said…
Eh. I seem to be factually discombobulated here. The latest PDC numbers show that both Buetow and McLaren raised a little more than 50% as much as their opponents, but Buetow's total fundraising was lower, $19.4k to McLaren's $26.9k.

Buetow benefited from Vote the Moms and McLaren from labor - even the bus drivers endorsed her along with their main issues. That could have helped.

But I have a sneaking suspicion that if Sundquist had been running in District 3, Buetow's vote totals would have been a lot higher, and everybody would have been trying to pick apart her inexplicable success.
Anonymous said…
SEA was dumb for running Dunn last minute against Buetow, as they appeared to have the same viewpoint. It weakened them both and ultimately allowed HMM to win. Have heard second-hand that there are many in the SEA highly critical of their current leadership for mucking it up on that one. Of course, everyone has the right to run, but as often seems to be the case, union leadership was not very smart.

They did better with McLaren by pumping money into both her primary AND general election. Money matters.

I may be in the minority on this blog, but I think Martin-Morris least deserved re-election. He checked out except for his special interests. My 2nd choice, perhaps also a minority, was Sundquist going, so I am cautiously optimistic there. The man is all talk, no detail for West Seattle. The neighborhood is a mess thanks to his lack of involvement in the neighborhood enrollment specifics.

It will be interesting to see what the challengers do next. Peaslee is new to the district, Martin has her activist reputation and Buetow has young kids and a career. Will any remain active in district affairs? Whelan has been active on this blog after his primary loss. Anderson is suing the district over TFA. Espanza in West Seattle and Peaslee's other challenger in the primary have not been public to my knowledge.

My hope is Martin for her energy and Buetow for her communications background stay active somehow. I also hope Carr becomes stronger on the existing board. It is time for her to step it up.

hschinske said…
Procrastinators for Buetow!

Helen Schinske (whose ballot isn't yet counted)
Charlie Mas said…
Here's a hot link to the Ballot tracker page.
Anonymous said…
King county results have been updated:

Ballots Cast/Registered Voters: * 104576 / 373975 27.96%
Director District No. 1

Peter Maier 42547 51.75%

Sharon Peaslee 39357 47.87%

Write-in 318 0.39%
Director District No. 2

Sherry Carr 44321 54.70%

Kate Martin 36321 44.83%

Write-in 378 0.47%
Director District No. 3

Harium Martin-Morris 49584 61.23%

Michelle Buetow 31003 38.28%

Write-in 398 0.49%
Director District No. 6

Steve Sundquist 38876 48.06%

Marty McLaren 41616 51.45%

Write-in 400 0.49%
MathTeacher42 said…
Fellow Citizens who voted FOR the levy -

Today I heard the school nurse at Franklin say that she's seen appx. 600 kids since the year started.

Her rooms are down the hall from my class -

PLEASE, Fellow Citizens -

Feel Good About YOUR Money

Feel Good About YOUR Vote


R. Murphy
Jan said…
R Murphy -- thanks for the reminders. They help keep me focusing on what counts.
ArchStanton said…
Does anyone know how up-to-date the Ballot Tracker is? I just checked mine and received: "Your returned ballot packet will soon be opened and your ballot will be prepared for counting." It was handed to the mail carrier Saturday afternoon.

If it really hasn't been counted yet, It may be a while before the procrastinators are all in.
hschinske said…
Arch, mine doesn't even say that (still just has the day they mailed it to me), and it went into the Ballard collection box the day before the election.

Helen Schinske
Anonymous said…
Mine said the same as Arch's...and I mailed it over a week ago! Do they not even start counting until Election Day?

ArchStanton said…
On closer look at the ballot tracking page, it looks like that is the last point of tracking (out of three) that they can give us, so we have to assume we've been counted.
hschinske said…
Mine still hasn't been counted.

Helen Schinske
Jan said…
Mine STILL hasn't been counted (according to the site) -- though they finally acknowledge its receipt.
Publicola doesn't think this is close said…
If 2000 votes or more like Jan's are left to count, Sharon Peaslee might squeak in this week.

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