Good News in Seattle Schools

From the district website:

Ed Lee, a 1970 graduate of Franklin High School, won San Francisco's mayoral race Nov. 8, becoming the city’s first elected mayor of Chinese descent, as well as the first Asian-American elected to the office. Lee was born in 1952 in the Beacon Hill neighborhood and attended Beacon Hill Elementary and Asa Mercer Middle School.

Seattle Sounders FC presents America SCORES Seattle’s 9th Annual Poetry Slam! on Friday, November 18th. The Poetry Slam!, the culminating event of the SCORES Fall Season curriculum - The Power of Poetry, will feature more than 160 elementary school students from Seattle’s underserved neighborhoods performing their own original works of poetry. For many of our children, reciting their original poetry on a public stage is the first time in their lives they have been publicly celebrated for their accomplishments. The event will feature poets from Bailey Gatzert, Dunlap, Highland Park, Maple and Roxhill Elementary Schools.  Town Hall at Eighth and Seneca at 5:30 p.m.

KCTS-9's 20th Annual Golden Apple awards in education were recently announced.   Congratulations to Franklin High School Principal Jennifer Wiley, Denny and Chief Sealth High School Music Director Marcus Pimpleton, Hamilton Middle School teacher Lary Barilleau and Garfield High school for their awards for excellence.

They will receive their awards in February 2012 in a ceremony honoring their achievements.

Marcus Pimpleton is a passionate force for music education in Seattle schools. In multiple positions—with middle school, high school and university students and the All-City Band—he builds bridges and creates innovative opportunities for his students to learn about life, leadership, volunteering and community through music and performance

Jennifer Wiley believes in education as a tool to provide any individual access to a level playing field and the opportunity to prosper. As principal for eight years of a public high school serving the country’s most diverse zip code, she’s worked with staff to support “a campus free of second-class citizenship.” 
Lary Barilleau knows that a student who is active in the arts is a happy student.  Over the last seven years he’s directed more than 30 cultural performances, brought more than two dozen resident artists from around the globe to Hamilton, and reflected his students’ own diverse cultures through presentations and performances

Seattle's Garfield High School is like no other high school in Washington State. Its central location, diverse student population, academic opportunities and expectations, clubs and student-centered focus make it not only a unique academic institution, but a top choice among students year after year

Seattle Mariners and Nikon representatives named Arbor Heights Elementary school last month as the winner of its first-ever Mariners-Nikon Earth Day Program. Arbor Heights was recognized for the school’s “green initiatives” relating to its recycling and waste reduction program.  Two other schools: Lawton Elementary and Viewlands Elementary were named finalists. Lawton was honored for its water conservation and quality program, and Viewlands Elementary was recognized for its planting and campus greening program.

What good news have you heard lately at your school?


Anonymous said…
Off topic, work session for this afternoon.
seattle citizen said…
FOUR Golden Apples out of TWELVE for the state! Yay, Seattle! Congratulations, students, staff, parent/guardians and supporters!

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