Seattle Schools State of the District Event (sponsored by the Alliance)

Update:  Superintendent Nyland announced this event at the School Board meeting but also announced that a SECOND State of the District will be the next day on Nov. 18th at JSCEE.

Seems like that's backwards - why isn't the FIRST announcement of the State of the District AT the district, not at some business' headquarters?  Maybe it's to keep the riff-raff out of the high-level event that the Alliance puts on?

Keep in mind, you can go to the Alliance event - it is public.  (If you go and can't get in, look for me.  I'll make sure you get in.)  

end of update.

Interim Superintendent Dr. Larry Nyland will present the annual State of the District from 4:30-6 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 17 at the Group Health Headquarters, 320 Westlake Ave. N., Suite 100.
Dr. Nyland will give an overview of the district’s successes and challenges, and highlight progress on the district’s five-year strategic plan: Every Student. Every Classroom. Every Day.

This event is sponsored by the Alliance for Education and seating is limited. To register, please RSVP to

Dr. Nyland will present an additional State of the District presentation at 4 p.m. on Tuesday, November 18 at the John Stanford Center for Educational Excellence. This 20-minute presentation will also be broadcast live streaming and on Channel 26. 

Just begs the question - why the Group Health Headquarters and not the ACTUAL district headquarters? I thought we had stopped with the Alliance stage directing these things.    My letter to the Board:

Dear Directors,
I saw the notice about the State of the District speech this morning. At first, I was confused it was at Group Health Headquarters when the district has its own headquarters.  Then I saw the Alliance's name.

1) I thought the Alliance was not "sponsoring" these event.  This is the district's event, not the Alliance and the minute you allow them to take over, you lose that.  And, it speaks volumes to the powers that be in this city that you do that.

2) "Seating is limited" and you have to register to come?  To listen to a district superintendent give a speech on the health of our city's public school district?  Is this just for mucky-mucks and the parents and staff can just stay home and watch on tv? 

I am registering my extreme unhappiness with this situation.  You could not make it clearer to the public who is calling the shots than in this singular event.  Even if you, as a Board, did not make this decision, then the Superintendent is signaling who is calling the shots. 

This should not stand, not for a public school district.


mirmac1 said…
I'll bet the Alliance will soon sponsor an event with Mayor-elect Burgess discussing the State of Education under his regime.
Anonymous said…
Ack, and what is Group Health doing in bed with the Alliance?

Chris S.
Po3 said…
Imagine Obama giving a state of the union address at some corp headquarters.

Anonymous said…
Business leaders don't go to JSCEE dontcha know. Have to reach the Captains of Industry where they reside. It's much more comfortable for them to discuss public education in a corporate setting.

Want to find a place to cut back on busywork for staff? Make this year's state of the district the last one for a dog n pony that is mandatory for Central Staff and striving principals with the only point being catering to assorted richy business-folk. The evening is a waste and the information could be accomplished just as easily with a press release.

All the board has to do is direct their employee - the superintendent - on more important stuff.

Anonymous said…
I understand that JSCEE may not have enough space.

In which case, use the Seattle Public Library auditorium, or the small auditorium at Benaroya or the theatre at SAM or any of a number of university or public spaces in our city.

But absolutely NOT tickets and preregistration.

Did NO ONE at JSCEE read the article about the UW Regents dinner meetings where the public has to stand on the porch watching through a door while the Regents and "special guests" have catered dinners and conduct business, when it's supposed to be an open meeting?

Signed: tired
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said…

Never mind, old schedule !

Anonymous said…
I like your use of the word mucky-mucks in your letter. It is derived from Chinook jargon.. with the often added "high" in front of it, it means people with plenty to eat.
Anonymous said…
Why does this not surprise me in the slightest. I had the exact same thought as "Tired" - the UW Regents have been in hot water for something akin to this - get grip SPS!

Charlie Mas said…
I think that the State of the District talk is sponsored by the Alliance because it is an invention of the Alliance.

The President's State of the Union speech is mandated by the Constitution, but there is nothing in the District's policies that require a "State of the District" speech.

The whole thing was invented by the Alliance for Education as an event for them. It isn't a District activity.
Rather interesting. Heard back from one Board member who won't be attending the Alliance event. Not sure why Nyland is buying into this. I think the district's event should come BEFORE the Alliance's.
mirmac1 said…
Wasn't the first "State of the District" event staged for MGJ to introduce the district "Scorecard" - the BMGF's nifty Strategic Plan investment. Good luck finding any of that data on the district website beyond colorful one sheet snaps of school data. The last data profile was 2012. I guess they figured the follow-on costs would come out of the operating budget. Typical.
Kasandra said…
You really can't beat the food at this place; they have the best vegetarian meals and the most adorable dishes for the kids. The service at NY events also was impeccable. The salad I had for dinner was delicious as well as the scallop appetizer. The main course of filet mignon and dessert soufflé was also awesome!

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