Calling All Kids - What Did You Think of "Inside Out?"

I went to see it because I do like Pixar films (most of the time). 

I'd like to know what kids thought so if yours saw this film, have them write a paragraph or two comment on what they thought - was it funny, what did they understand it to be about, would they recommend it, etc.


Anonymous said…
I'm really interested in this as well. I want to really trust that it's safe, especially for families dealing with mental illness, before I let my tween see it.

I think it's safe for kids of all ages to see. There was nothing about mental illness in it. My neighbor took her five-year old and she said he got a little teary at the end (there's the element of "what will happen?" in the film). I think a lot of probably went over his head. said…
We saw it yesterday. There were parts that were lol funny, but by the end 3/4 of us were crying. Both girls (6 and 8) got the basic messages, but both grabbed a parent at some time because it got very exciting.
Unknown said…
Unknown said…
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