Screenshots are Your Friends

Below is good advice on ANY SPS page that you believe relates to your child's academic career or is important information. 

Po3 said...
If you have a student who has previously met a state requirement via the HSPE or EOC. I recommend taking a screenshot of their assessment page just in case there is a bait and switch this fall and they try to tell us our students have not met the requirement(s) and remove the assessment from the Source.


Josh Hayes said…
This seems like a great idea - but it may be too late. I checked my daughter's Source page and although she took, and passed, the algebra EOC last February (and was therefore told not to take the geometry EOC last week), there's no sign of it on the page.

This could be a problem with the new web page vendor, I suppose. But shouldn't the fact that she has already passed the math EOC requirement be on her Source page?

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