Six Days to a Washington State Government Shutdown

From the Washington Democratic Party:

ACTION ALERT: We're 6 days from a govt shutdown. Call these Republicans and tell them<

 "It's time to compromise on the budget."
Andy Hill (855) 981-2701
Steve Litzow (855) 981-2702
Joe Fain (855) 981-2703


Anonymous said…
Shouldn't we also be calling some Democrats to ask them to do the same?

Anonymous said…
As usual the Dems already have compromised.

Patrick said…
I'm not sure a bunch of Senate Republicans cares what a Seattle liberal thinks of their obstructionism.
You should have heard Chris Vance on KUOW's Week in Review this morning (I attend the show at Northgate CC). He, too, thinks something is really wrong in the viewpoints on getting things done in the Legislature.

My tweet:

"Chris Vance we need to get back a "culture of compromise" for legislative decision-making to move forward as a state."
seattle citizen said…
Past too late. Chris Vance was on KUOW this morning, saying that it takes at least four or five days AFTER a proposal is put up for the details to be hammered out, the various elements agreed to. OSPI, and therefore districts, learn that they will NOT be getting July's 12 million in state funds they need. And districts still don't know their funding, so they can't make hiring decisions, or even know if their existing staffs will be funded.
We are past worrying about whether the legislature will come to a consensus; now it's time to minimize the damage already being caused.
Vance said, and I agree, that ALL legislators have to hear loud and clear that this is completely unacceptable and no way to run a government. They need to hear it from their constituents and at the polls.
syd said…
Really? Does anyone really think the problem is that the Democrats aren't compromising?
seattle citizen said…
Yes, they are. When I said "ALL" legislators I should have said the Republicans. I'm just frustrated that it's come to this.
Anonymous said…
Remember McCleary action was supposed to be completed by the end of the regular session. Then the Supremes let the legislators off that hook by extending it to end of special session.

Well when we come to the end of two special sessions with zero McCleary funding action, isn't it time to throw all the legislators in the Thurston County Jail for contempt of court?

State Constitution is apparently meaningless when it comes to the rights of children as students.

-- Dan Dempsey

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