Audit Response Log Update

The Audit Response Log has been expanded to include a number of audits and financial reviews - including the Moss Adams review and recommendations.


And how many years have I been saying "Moss Adams?" Our new CFO needs only the July 2010 audit (with district responses) and Moss Adams for a road map/blueprint for what needs to get done.

I know if Mr. Boesche can be strong, not listen to "that's not the way we've done it before" and hold firm to what needs to get done, the district can get on better footing.

In some ways, he IS the most important person in the district right now. He is our fixer, our closer. If he can get it right, some degree of public trust will be restored AND we will have a better run district.

After that, I'm agreeing with Charlie; some of the administration of this district should be outsourced to the city. Facilities or maintenance would be good places to start.
Wondering said…
AE7 "Superintendent's vacation cash out not in compliance with contract."
WANANO said…

I understand outsourcing, but not to the City or for that matter any other government agency. You may as well outsource to the Alliance or Gates!
Charlie Mas said…
The inclusion of the Moss-Adams recommendations to the Audit Response project is a significant positive step - both for improved internal controls and for Board oversight.

The District staff, the Board, and Director Carr in particular, deserve congratulations for this step.

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