I'm Speechless (Me?)

Lynne Varner of the Times wrote what is probably one of the least clear editorial columns I have ever read I just don't know what to make of it so I leave it to you to decipher it.  (She does use her fav phrase "Sturm und Drang" which I never thought of as all-purpose but okay.) Hint: I think it's about ethics.

Here's one of the weirder lines:
Wow, is city government so clean Barnett has time to police the educational equivalent of Libya?

I'm a pretty big critic of the district but I do not believe it is the educational equivalent of Libya.


Zulu said…
Strum und Drang?!?


That is one convoluted editorial. And why is she talking about a Finish "metal" band?

I really enjoyed Varner's last platitude...it's not often I get to hear that sunshine is the best disinfectant. If only there were some bloggers out there that could bust SPS wide open. Dang! To dream.....
Northender said…
Well, she does seem to imbue the gentleman from the city's Ethics Commission with near superhero capabilities - does she think he can drill the tunnel and solve that whole nuclear issue in Japan too? :)

and the Libya reference is beyond extreme - and perhaps even a bit culturally insenstive - but reality does not appear to be her strong suit - aiyiyi!
Unknown said…
Maybe she had to write her own piece, rather than getting a pdf by email from Bill Gates.

MY favorite Lynne Varner quote, in describing the former Superintendent: Lynne referred to her "laser-like focus."

Dorothy Neville said…
I thought it was pretty clear and some pretty strong words. Sure, there's some hyperbole we could complain about, but she addresses a lot of the issues. Croneyism, favoritism, indifference, illegal activity, First AME, providing incomplete or erroneous information to the board and public.

Maybe all this is just to protect the F&E levy, and maybe some board members will be active as they run for re-election, but a lot can get uncovered in 8 months. Seeds of change can grow. Looks like we have a lot of gardeners to help, including Seattle Times, even if some enthusiasm might wane after November.
hschinske said…
Yeah, I don't get how it's so unclear, either. The Libya comparison was the only really off-the-wall bit to me. (Zulu: see http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/sturm%20und%20drang)

By the way, Durmstrang in the Harry Potter books is a joke about Sturm und Drang.

Helen Schinske
mirmac1 said…
Maybe she got sent to woodshed for that earlier, crap piece she "wrote".

Notice how she is posting to the comments in a dialogue?! The almighty Times actually interacting with the rabble?
Speaking of ethics, I note that in 2006, our Facilities head, Bill Martin, had to pay a $2500 ethics fine. He was working for the City at the time in transportation.

He had signed a contract with a company in 2004 and neglected to report to his boss during negotiations that his roommate (at the time) who was also a friend worked for the company receiving the contract. He was supposed to recuse himself from City business involving friends and relatives.
wsnorth said…
RE: Libya, maybe she missed that we got rid of our evil dictator peacefully. :-]
Wanano said…
Here is a link to times article on Bill Martin:


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