Community Meetings Tomorrow

Directors' Community Meetings on Saturday, the 19th:

DeBell, from 9-11:00 am, Caffe Appassionato, 4001 21st Ave W.
Martin-Morris, from 9:30-11:30 am, Diva's Espresso, 8014 Lake City Way NE
Maier, from 10:30 am-noon,  Bethany Community Church, Brick Room,
    8023 Green Lake Dr. N.

Events early next week:

Chief Sealth is doing quite a great week-long event next week called World Water Week to promote global water conservation and awareness.  It is being organized by a senior, Molly Freed, and teacher Noah Zeichner, and a group of 50 other Sealth students and teachers.  Freed and Zeichner were selected last summer as Bezos Scholars (2 of 24 across the nation) to attend the Aspen Ideas Festival.

From the SPS news release:

Monday, March 21: A free public lecture by Robert Glennon at 7 p.m. accompanied by a special video message from Alexandra Cousteau. The event will kick off with a water resource fair at 6:15 p.m. and follow with introductions by Congressman Jay Inslee and members of the Duwamish Tribe.
Robert Glennon,  is the author of the New York Times bestseller "Unquenchable" and a University of Arizona Professor of Law and Public Policy.


"Jane Addams Spectrum and Advanced Learners Forum"
Tuesday, March 22nd
6:30-7:30 PM
In the Library  at Jane Addams, 11051 34th Ave NE

Thank you to North End Mom for this info.


Anonymous said…
Hey Melissa,

Ken Berry here. I just checked the Board Calendar and shows Martin-Morris' community meeting was last week and that Smith-Blum is this week.

Is the Board Calendar wrong?

Checked with the Board office. Martin-Morris was to be last week but got rescheduled for this week. The other two are right as well.
Eric M said…
Anyone going? I can't. I ran this little non-scientific survey last week via survey monkey about the so-called Strategic Plan. 550 respondents.

If you go to

you can take the survey and look at the results. I think they're meaningful enough to use to beat up any School Board members bold enough to try to defend their former Superintendent's grand initiatives.

The survey was rightly critiqued for leaving out some interest groups among staff, and I apologize. I was in a hurry and I don't do this for my job. (In fact, why does a g--d--d teacher have to do this at all? Shouldn't the feckless Board, or the feckless Central Administration, or the feckless SEA leadership being doing this kind of thing ? They've all got staff and salary. I've got 150 students in a windowless and poorly ventilated classroom with a broken chair. I mean, reeeaally)

Unfortunately, I don't have a pro account, and I'm not going to pay for one to view the full results. I suspect they won't be much different that the first hundred responses that survey monkey lets you see.

If the Board really gives a damn, they can spot me the 17 bucks for a one month membership upgrade.

If I was willing to bet that the Board cared about the results, I'd pay for it myself. But I'm not, so I won't.

The end.
Stu said…
I can't make it to any of these tomorrow either but I would LOVE it if someone could ask each of these directors, point blank, why they accept the "we'll get back to you" responses and what they intend to do about it.

Spruiter said…
Just wanted to comment on the upcoming Jane Addams advanced learner forum - this meeting is a Jane Addams school community discussion around how best to serve our advanced learners. Current Jane Addams families, and families considering the school are welcome to join the conversation.
peonypower said…
Let's forward that suggestion to pay for the bill to M. DeBell. I think he would pay and would be interested.
lendlees said…
Eric M-

SPS has a pro subscription to Survey Monkey. Maybe they can import your survey and export you the Excel sheet with the results...
dan dempsey said…
Given what Melissa said at Wednesday's Board meeting, it would be interesting to get a comment from each of the following in regard to what Melissa said.


Not sufficient wrong doing to fire MGJ and/or Kennedy with cause? That is really hard to believe. Clearly this crew did not recognize wrong doing when the wrong doing was revealed to them in 2008 by Potter.

There is quite a volume of wrong doing that all the Board Directors just refused to deal with in regard to those pre-mature buy outs.

Next time someone goes to a meeting with a director, please get a statement from that director.
wsnorth said…
Thanks for the mention of World Water Week at Chief Sealth. Another great example of global/local community involvement that does not require "help" from district offices!
Just in reference to Dan's post, my testimony was a timeline of opportunities for various Board members to have looked harder at Silas Potter. Some of them had more chances than others but no one perked up their ears.

I know that they may have wanted to believe Potter (those who were on the Board when Potter testified before them) because we all want to believe good news. But he also told them he did something not allowed (testified before the Legislature) and it seems like no one blinked.

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