Coffee Chat with Enfield at the Library is Full

FYI,  I just received a notice that the coffee chat with Dr. Enfield at the Central Library tomorrow is FULL.  They will only be allowing people in who RSVPed.   Do not go if you didn't RSVP or are not on the waiting list. 

I hadn't noticed but this event is being put together by the Alliance for Education. 


SP said…
Then, there might be a problem, as Enfield's 5 page letter posted on the top of the SPS home page "Earning Confidence in Seattle Public Schools" does not mention RSVP necessary at all:

"Highlights of my upcoming outreach to parents, students and the community include:

Coffee with the Superintendent: The first of these will be next Tuesday, March 29th, from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. the Central Library,1000 Fourth Avenue, 10th floor, Betty Jane Narver Reading Room. Additional coffee chats will follow throughout the year. All are open to the general public."
SP said…
Additionally, on the District Calendar, the details for the Coffee Chat do not mention RSVP either (although the Alliance is listed as the contact).

Details Of: Superintendent Coffee Chat
Date: 3/29/2011 (8:00 AM - 9:00 AM)
Calendar: Seattle Public Schools (Special Event)
Description: Community coffee chat with Dr. Susan Enfield, Interim Superintendent of Seattle Public Schools.

Seattle Public Library
Central Library
1000 Fourth Avenue
10th Floor
Betty Jane Narver Reading Room

Open to the general public. Additional coffee chats will follow throughout the year.
Contact: Alliance For Education
(206) 343-0449
zb said…
I think this might count as breaking news, but the appeals court decision about the math textbook adoption is out.

The appeals court found for the district in the appeal: paraphrasing, the Board decision was not "arbitrary or capricious or illegal."

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