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Ballard teacher, Eric Muhs, has a survey that was developed to receive input on the Strategic Plan (but it's not just for teachers so take it if you'd like). Here's the info about it:

Colleagues: after meeting with School Board member Micheal DeBell last week, he encouraged us to collect information about the “Strategic Plan” as developed and pursued under the auspices of the previous Superintendent. Specifically, he indicated interest to us, and at last week’s public School Board meeting, to shelve or postpone elements of the plan that have not been cost-effective or successful.

To that end, we made this survey. If you could take a few moments to answer it, that would be much appreciated. The information may help Mr. DeBell as he attempts to get the Board to revisit some of the decisions made over the last few years.

Here’s the survey:

Also, Eric and another Ballard teacher, India Carlson, had participated in a Seattle U Academic Salon on teaching in Seattle in January. Below are links to their talk as well as the other participants. It was quite interesting with blunt, straight-forward talk about the challenges of being a teacher in U.S./Seattle today.

Eric Muhs:
India Carlson:
Dan Troccoli
Dan Pickard
Eric Muhs


questioning this said…

The district is hiring for a lease / contract manager under Ron English. This made me wonder whether someone else has been let go in Pottergate (or another as-yet-unpublicized issue).

Description from website:

Serves as property lease and contract manager for the Seattle School District; negotiates new leases and lease renewals for operating and closed schools; writes and prepares conceptual papers, correspondence, lease documents and related legal notices; represents the District as landlord; represents the District as tenant for space leased for District use; approves lease agreements and expenditures, as authorized by the Property Manager.

Reports to: Ron English, Deputy General Counsel
ws said…
I took the survey but I don't think it will go very far and I suspect Debell will blow it off. Its poorly written and you can see the slant in most questions, plus your response options are either Stop immediatly, low priority or a Must. Nothing in between.
Anonymous said…
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Herb said…
WOW. Those videos are fantastic. As an elementary parent I don't know all the ins and outs of ed reform, and this is very informative.
They're each about 10 minutes long. Click through!!
Thanks so much for posting these.
Anonymous said…
Interesting editorial in the Seattle Weekly where DeBell gives a nod that the vote of no confidence was an underlying factor in the ousting of MGJ.

Olliesdad said…
Oh, what crap. If I remember correctly, that vote of no confidence was happening BEFORE they renewed Goodloe-Johnson's contract.

mirmac1 said…

I guess MGJ was on double super-secret probation....
Unknown said…
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