Gregiore signs end-of-course test graduation requirement

Here is the story from the Seattle Times:
Gregoire signs end-of-course math assessment change

The test/graduation requirement pathways are so chopped up now that I don't think anyone can recite them. It's something different for every graduating class from now for the next six years.


anonymous said…
Thanks for the update Charlie. I was hoping this would happen.
Po3 said…
I think this is great news! It will daylight the weak math curriculum. I like that every 9th grader in the state will take the same end of course test, either Alg or Geo., it will be great to see the results by district. It will also be interesting to see the percent of student taking Alg v. Geo by district, which will show what districts are doing a good job of advancing students through the math pathways.

I will assume that OSPI will also show results by school...and boy that will be eye-opening for the district. Betting we will also see results by demographics.

Yep, this is really good news. These test results will drown out the School Reports!!!
Jan said…
Po3: I hadn't actually thought about the implications of this policy for Fuzzy Math. I am a bit worried because so many districts USE fuzzy math, that it may make it hard to see where math is working and where it is not. But I certainly see your point. There is definitely potential there!

Now -- we just have to keep the math reform folks' fingers OFF the end of year exams, so we don't get bad "fuzzy exams" to go with the bad "fuzzy math."

Does this mean, though, that there will be HSPE every spring, MAP testing (through 10th grade? or does it stop at high school?) AND EOY tests?
Anonymous said…
and what if they adopt / don't kill those crap national standards?

Calling Dan ! what are the bill numbers to kill / promote - in 1 sentence per bill ;)

I suppose all this mayhem would be good for math teachers ... except they'll be replaced with dedicated and enthusiastic graduates from the best colleges in america, getting their dedicated and enthusiastic tickets punched on the way to spawning more LEVs, or Goldman Sacks Lackeys.

Color Me Confused
Po3 said…
I believe our neighbors Shoreline, and Tacoma are using better math text books at the highschool level
hschinske said…
NWEA markets end-of-year tests as well.

Helen Schinske
seattle citizen said…
ooh, Helen, maybe NWEA would give us a package price!

Jan, my understanding is that the Math EOC takes the place of the Math HSPE, so it's a wash. And from what I gather, the EOC could, potentially, tell us more than HSPE did as they are more fine-tuned to actual expected coursework. But I could be mistaken about that.
What? said…

What the heck is going on?

If I want my child taught to a test, I want them taught to SAT.

Charlie Mas said…
The state and the district monkey with the graduation requirements every freakin' year. And it isn't stopping soon. The state will soon introduce Core 24, which will be yet another change. There is no way that anyone really knows what any student needs to graduate.

If only we had professionals in each school who made it their job to know the graduation requirements and made it their job to let students and families know what the student needs to do to meet those requirements. Someone to give them counsel and guidance.
The Washington State directors assn and some other state group are also going to develop the definition of a high school credit so districts don't have to do it themselves.

Again, this isn't clear by now?

Parents today really have to keep up because it's an ever-changing education world (and we just live in it).
seattle citizen said…
What must the students think? "Take the Science HSPE pilot. Take the Science HSPE. No, take the Science EOC based on these standards. Wait, take an EOC based on THESE standards. Take Physical Science. And Bio. No, and Chem. Wait, you need 24 credits, so take both. Don't take art, no test for that yet...."
It must be crazy-making, and I wonder how much weight they put on these tests, how well they do, when it seems so transitory.

Yes, SAT works for me.
Po3 said…
I agree that this testing is and has been crazy. If it were my call I would go with the ITBS k-8 and the EOC subject tests for high school.

Hopefully the EOCs tests will replace the HSPE. MAPS of course needs to be tossed out the door.

And if the lawmakers wanted to save big bucks the MSP would be tossed and replaced with the ITBS, which is a fraction of the cost. And if normed nationally.

But since that is pie in the sky wishful thinking, I will be glad to have my students take the EOC in math next year. As I think there will be good feedback from the test, versus the HSPE. It will also give schools a pretty clear picture of how their students are doing.

And I do not see the state buying the NWEA EOC tests....
dan dempsey said…
There are absolutely NO Bills to delay the common core state standards {CCSS} adoption.

The only way CCSS will be delayed will be if Legislators in Ways and Means finally get a clue about the costs and other ramifications of this monster.

I'll get busy and give you a link to my most recent analysis of CCSS that I sent to legislators yesterday. It is a doozie.

{doozie - archaic reference to a Duesenberg ... the finest of the fine.}
Anonymous said…
I saw our up dated testing schedule where EOC has been added to the June calendar. I can't wait to see if grades match test success. How many 'ready for H.S. ' math in the advanced track pass the EOC? The stat that will also be interesting is the 8th grade MSP scores and EOC results at that level.
-curious in seattle
SIngle Child said…
Next year, there will be another EOC exam: Biology. Also, the sample questions for math EOC tests are posted on
Georgia Cooper said…
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