One More Meeting This Week

Ingraham PTSA meeting. Special Guest: Susan Enfield
Tuesday, May 17. 6:30-7:30
IHS Auditorium


mirmac1 said…
"Enfield wouldn't say whether it's possible she will rethink her decision. But she did say that any good leader has to weigh new data "

Backpedaling furiously!
mirmac1 said…
Interesting letters to the Times Editors

here and here
none1111 said…
Backpedaling furiously!

Yeah, that's kind of funny. But I see it as an improvement over what we've had for the past 3 years. MGJ would have sat back, not said a thing, not had a meeting with teachers and staff, and certainly not shown her face at a PTSA meeting at the school. Her smug look and "no loss of sleep" over it would have been infuriating.

Enfield has made more course corrections in response to community input than MGJ did in 3 years (zero). The Garfield science situation may not be everything parents asked for, but I believe it was a beneficial change that resulted from meaningful dialog.

I'm not sure how to interpret this move yet (showing up at the PTSA meeting), but I'm withholding judgement until we hear how it goes. I wonder if it will be restricted to IHS PTSA members only!?
Charlie Mas said…
"The Garfield science situation may not be everything parents asked for, but I believe it was a beneficial change that resulted from meaningful dialog."

Things go well for Dr. Enfield when she allows meaningful dialog, as with the Garfield science issues.

Things go poorly for her when she does not allow meaningful dialog, as with the Martin Floe case.

Do you think there's a lesson there for her?
Parent from Other School said…
Is this meeting open to parents from other schools?
Cap'n Billy Keg said…
Maybe Enfield read about Mr. Floe "looking the other way" when it came to the "Candy Man Affair"...?

From Wikipedia:

"In the article it stated that in general, the Ingraham staff was ambivalent about the Candy Man and his illicit operations. While some bought from him and others actively reprimanded his actions, most, including principal Martin Floe, opted to "look the other way" without condoning his behavior."
mirmac1 said…
I agree none1111. Lessons learned the hard way, unfortunately. Enfield does not have the luxury of a long flat learning curve, obviously. Any more tin ear moves and she may have sealed her fate.
Cap'n Billy Keg said…
Floe Firing - No Appeal?

Enfield in for a "broadside" from the community?
RosieReader said…
Yes, ParentFromOtherSchool,the meeting is open to everyone.
Wonder what will happen next said…
Well, looks like the Sup has a choice to make, Mr. Floe or Ms. Duessuelt. If Mr. Floe comes back, Ms. Duessuelt has to go.

Even if Ms. Duessuelt is moved to another region (word is she wants the second SE position badly), she will have not have the respect of the principals she supervises. If she stays and Mr. Floe goes, the only tool Ms. Duessuelt will have going for her is fear, and in the end, that isn't going to get her very far.
dan dempsey said…
Mirmac1 wrote:

"Enfield wouldn't say whether it's possible she will rethink her decision. But she did say that any good leader has to weigh new data"


Looking at Enfield's proposals to the rubber-stamping school board (dominated by 4 rubber-stampers) ... it is apparent that she has no use for data; unless the data can be cherry-picked or distorted to push a previously made decision.

TRY NTN Action Report #1 ... a lot of the data referred to in the SBAC was just incorrect. .... Remember the CAO and 2 directors took a trip to look at a STEM school that was not a STEM school... this is typical of Enfield's command of the facts.

Note CAO Enfield submitted paper work to the court in regard to school board appeals but would never certify that the evidence submitted was correct (as required by law). ---- Attorney Scott Stafne has an appeal headed to a hearing in Appeals court Division one ... over this Enfield failure.

TRY NTN Action Report #2 ... complete with an action that meets the definition of felony forgery ... submission of a bogus document to the Superior Court.

"But she did say that any good leader has to weigh new data" Unfortunately she is not and has not been a good leader.
Anonymous said…
None 1111, I agree with you. I hope Dr. Enfield will display good judgement and reconsider Mr. Floe's firing. That I would take as a good sign of competent leadership. I don't expect my leaders to be perfect. What matters to me is when leaders recognize and acknowledge their mistakes and take corrective action. That is a standard I wish to see more of in SPS leadership. That would give me confidence as a parent with children in SPS.

Public school mom
cascade said…
Best outcome of tonight:
Enfield changes mind. (She retains a chance of becoming our permanent superintendent.)
Floe drops attorney. (Our district isn't paying legal fees to defend itself.)
Flo keeps job. (Floe, school has stability.)
Flo continues improvement at reaching struggling students (students win.)
Dusseault quietly put on her own performance review. (Energetic lady, but needs her own intense mentoring to be an effective, respected leader.)
RosieReader said…
Cascade, you nailed it.
RosieReader said…
Apparently some are confused and think that a previously-scheduled meeting with the Hamilton/APP community tonight is still on. IT IS NOT. Dr. Enfield is at Ingraham from 6:30 to 7:30.

Spread the word.
Cascade, I think that's a good scenario. I will say that the steady slide downward on AYP for nearly all the high schools points to the need for something systemic to happen (like direct interventions).

When Dr. Enfield and I had a chat early on, I gave her two pieces of advice.

1) NO new initiatives. Stick with what we have (or even scale back) but nothing new. Parents and staff are exhausted from the churn and change.

2) Throw the parents a bone and have some clear rationale for principal movement. This is the one thing that troubles every parent in the district because, by now, they ALL know it could happen to their school.

She doesn't have to take anyone's advice or counsel but at least I managed to call out one of her biggest challenges.
nancy said…
from APP/AC lstsrv

Last week, Advanced Learning Manager, Dr. Bob Vaughan twice emailed the APP families who have signed up to attend
Ingraham in the new program starting this Fall. Below is the content from the first email.

The second email from Dr. Vaughan let parents know about the meeting TONIGHT with Dr. Enfield with the Ingraham
High School community on Tuesday, May 17, 6:30pm, and expressed that incoming APP parents/students are
welcome to attend. The email also stated that Dr. Enfield will meet directly with the APP families at a later date.

From Dr. Vaughan:

"I can understand your concern about changes in Ingraham’s leadership. I want to assure you that the Superintendent
is very committed to launching and building the new APP/IB. She does understand that the welcoming environment
current staff members have created at the school is an important aspect of why you chose Ingraham. Below is a
direct expression of her commitment that she wanted me to share with your family and the others who made this
choice. To further affirm her commitment, Dr. Enfield has asked me to arrange an opportunity for her to meet with
you in the near future..."

And from the Interim Superintendent:

"Thank you for sharing your concerns with me about the decision not to renew Principal Martin Floe's contract at
Ingraham High School for the 2011-2012 school year.

I do appreciate the letters I've received from staff and families, and I understand your frustration, anger, and
sadness. I want you to know this was a difficult decision, and one made with careful consideration for what is best
in the interest of our students.

Since I was appointed Interim Superintendent, I have met with and listened to families, community members and staff
from around the District. What I have heard loud and clear is that families want strong leadership, and someone who is
committed to building a team of effective instructional leaders at every school. This often means making difficult or
unpopular decisions in the short term.

I want to thank Principal Floe for his work in getting the school to where it is today. Now it is time to move
forward with new instructional leadership to help Ingraham High School reach even greater heights.

I know you selected Ingraham for its new APP/IB program. I want you to know our commitment to this program is
unwavering. The principal we hire for Ingraham will be chosen to strongly support all the students and programs there,
including the new APP/IB program your family has chosen.

Given the amount of discussion around this decision, I have decided to appoint an interim principal at the end of
the school year. This will give me more time to talk with the staff and community to engage in a thoughtful search
for a permanent principal.

Please know that your voice will be heard and included as we work to select the next principal of Ingraham High



Susan Enfield, Ed.D.
Interim Superintendent"
Nancy, what is the date of Dr. Enfield's e-mail to APP parents?
none1111 said…
RogerReadyRanger said: Apparently some are confused and think that a previously-scheduled meeting with the Hamilton/APP community tonight is still on. IT IS NOT.

What meeting was this?? I don't see any mention of it on either the APP/AC list or the Hamilton web site.
RosieReader said…
Nancy, the meeting that was originally scheduled for Hamilton tonight with Dr. Enfield is off. It will be rescheduled. We have been fielding calls about this, and it would be great if you would believe me. This morning I called the administrative secretary at Hamilton and confirmed this with her. Thgis would have been after you spoke to her. I've also called and confirmed it with Dr. Enfield's office. Please send the correction as broadly as you've been distributing your original posting. I'd hate to have people show up at Hamilton (where the parking is already going to be a nightmare because of the science fair and the PTSA Board meeting) expecting to see Dr. Enfield. Send them to the Ingraham auditorium at 6:30. All are welcome.
none1111 said…
Okay, reading the above again now, I'm guessing this was a meeting specifically for Hamilton 8th graders. (?)
RosieReader said…
Originally, Bob Vaughan scheduled Dr. Enfield to come to Hamilton to talk tot he APP families that had chosen Ingraham. Options to meet with the Ingraham community were limited, so ultimately Dr. Enfield chose to use the 6:30-7:30 pm tonight (5/17) to meet at Ingraham.

Incoming APP families are certainly welcome at Ingraham tonight. You're part of our family now. My understanding is that Mr. Vaughn will schedule another APP-parent specific meeting with Dr. Enfield in the future.

Things are moving very quickly, so some confusion is understandable, but again THERE IS NO MEETING AT HAMILTON WITH DR. ENFIELD TONIGHT. There are other things going on at Hamilton tonight as I understand it. BUT DR. ENFIELD WILL BE AT INGRAHAM.
Eric B said…
Re: IHS meeting open to people from other schools?

Whitman Middle School parents received a message notifying us about the event, so some "outside" parents have been invited. Even if they hadn't, PTSA meetings are rarely (if ever) closed events, so anyone could go and drop in. If there are any votes taken, I would expect that they would be limited to PTSA members only.

WV: unite
Anonymous said…
My understanding as an Ingraham parent is that the Ingraham community would LOVE to have EVERYBODY there - it is definitely not just for the Ingraham community.

The decision to fire Mr. Floe sets a precident for how things will be going forward- everyone with any interest in SPS should definitely be at Ingraham tonight!

An Ingraham parent
Po3 said…
Hearing that Floe has been reinstated for next year.

suep. said…
Fresh from the Seattle Times:

More to come | Interim Seattle School Superintendent Susan Enfield announced today that she has reversed her decision to dismiss Ingraham High School Principal Martin Floe.
suep. said…

Enfield is reinstating Floe, reports the Times:

She met privately with Ingraham High teachers Monday and was to meet Tuesday evening with parents, students and others in a public meeting. That meeting has now been canceled.
Anonymous said…
this is true, i have seen the letter sent to all district staff, floe's contract is being renewed.

i am sure the letter will be published by the time so i wont take up and space.


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