Petition to Reinstate Martin Floe

Sign this petition and pass along if you are so inclined.

Also, anyone who want to speak to this issue, call or e-mail the School Board office right at 8 am tomorrow morning.  Call 252-0040 or e-mail   You need to state a topic and I recommend stating that you will be speaking on the "high school science instructional materials" or "high school social studies instructional materials" and then relate how the high school alignment is probably a key issue to why Floe is being dismissed. 


Anonymous said…
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Chris S. said…
Anonymous asked why lie about your topic. The answer: persons addressing items on the agenda will be given priority to testify. And it's not really lying, it's just spinning a little or a lot on the connection of your topic to the agenda.
Maureen said…
Anonymous said...
Why would you lie about the reason you're requesting to speak?

People who are speaking on agenda topics are placed higher on the speakers' list than those off topic. Here's theBoard Agenda for the 5/18 meeting.

I guess I can see the necessity for Mr. Floe's supporters to tweak their testimony subject to make sure they get on the list (time is of the essence and this issue will probably never show up on a Board agenda), but it does annoy me a little - I signed up to talk about Science at the last meeting and was(rightly) pushed off the speakers' list by people addressing things that were on the agenda. I planned to try to give my spiel this week instead, but am not likely to get a spot if the IHS speakers all use that topic.

I do want to acknowledge that the IHS people very nicely let me give my five minute talk to Sherry Carr before they started on their topic at her Saturday meeting. I really appreciated that! (I didn't even try at Harium's meeting since he didn't seem to be making any attempt to track the time he allowed any one to present their issues and in fact talked on and on himself on tangential issues.)
momster said…
Chris S. - it most certainly is lying; and an interesting follow-on to this blog's characterization of Susan Enfield as "a liar"
Anonymous said…
yo momster - this blog and the Seattle Education blog have documented countless cases of slippery language from the district and just blatant lies from the district.

so some people are going to be a little aggressive in an attempt to address incessant doublespeak - what are they supposed to do, nail themselves to a cross out front in noble sacrifice?

Can't Hold A Candle To MGJ
Anonymous said…
More important - get the petition signed! I think this is a great idea, and I hope everyone passes it on -

- IHS parent
Maureen said…
Lots of speakers touch on multiple issues. Holding on to a good principal can be tied to any number of the topics on the agenda. I would advise people to do that explicitly at the beginning of their testimony so they don't risk being cut off (I've never seen that, but I suppose it could happen.)
I'll have to delete your comment "Anonymous" as we don't take them but I'll answer it.

It's not lying. Alignment of high school curriculum is one of Floe's direct responsibilities. Talking about what direction high schools are going in is absolutely part of alignment. Discussing a principal's ability to meet those goals is part of the discussion around alignment.
Chris S. said…
FWIW, I would not have said Enfield was lying. (I am, however, ever-so-grateful that there is somneone in the Seattle City limits who is able to call a spade a spade.)

I was however, using "not really lying" in the sense in which I see "truth" doled out by district leadership. Which covers all sorts of tactics (distortion, omission, imagination, etc.) short of bald-faced lies.
Anonymous said…
The petition doesn't mean much. The fact that staff "supported" him with a petition just means they are covering all bases. If he stays, then there will be no retribution. If you really supported his ouster, then you wouldn't sign anything, in case he winds up staying.


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