RIFs and Your School

A request was made for a thread on this topic.  Let us know what is happening at your school.

One person commented they were interested in how this might affect Garfield and Ingraham. 

From a discussion I had with Martin Floe, it does not appear that Ingraham will have any RIFs (or very few).   I do not know about Garfield.  (I did ask Mr. Floe about TFA and he gave one of his trademark hearty laughs.  Then he said that there isn't much movement of teachers out of his school and he didn't anticipate any RIFs.   It is one hallmark of a good school when teachers don't want to flee.)


Salander said…
When Roosevelt received its budget from the district this year it was short 5 full time teachers.
The budget committee took money from other areas of the school budget such as supplies and students services to pay for all but 1.6 of a teacher.
Anonymous said…
No RIFs at Salmon Bay, and we keep our counselor. Shifting budgets, cuts to supplies and other things and a record year of parent fund raising saved our teachers. No thanks to the state or district.

North of Ballard.
seattle citizen said…
wondering what impacts the yet-to-be-decided state budget will have...I suppose they can't RIF anymore, as it's past the May 15 deadline, but what if drastic cuts to ed budgets hit? hmmm
Dorothy Neville said…
Actually, SC, because the legislature was late with the budget the district *can* RIF more people. One of the issues with the May 15th deadline was that there was no May 15th deadline. However, if the legislature had returned a budget by May 14th, there would have been a May 15th deadline, so better safe than sorry, the district did the RIFs. But they could still implement more until June 15th. I doubt they will though, unless the final budget is a surprise.
CrankyParent said…
Before we start RIFs that take teachers out of the classroom, I'd like to understand why there are There are a total of 484 certificated staff who are not assigned to a
classroom at this time.

According to the district office, "The 484 total breaks out as follows:

376 = work at the central office
100 = leave of absence
3 = displaced
5 = administrative leave"

If we have to cut teachers (not the myriad tiers of administrators who seem incapable of doing the fundamentals of their jobs) , let's start here.
dan dempsey said…
If you listened to Ballard Science teacher India Carlson's testimony at the 5-18-11 School Board meeting..... a logical extension is that RIFing should begin with anyone in anyway connect to Science at the Central Office.... if 100% were fired ... it would be a big savings and certainly improve SPS science.
Anonymous said…
Why on earth do we have 376 teachers working in the central office and not in the classroom, in this time of budget crisis?

CrankyParent said…
I have no idea what they are doing at the central office, but it concerns me too. I got that number after making my information request and confirmed it by clarifying my questions TWICE because it seems so high. I don't know what they do, but they are not in the classroom.
It is amazing what they have to tell you if you just ask.
Anonymous said…
After YEARS, Arbor Heights Principal is gone! But only moves a few blocks north : (


WS Mom
Anonymous said…
How many certified teaching staff does SPS have in total on its payroll, including the ones in the central office, on leave, etc? I would like to know the percentage of that total that is actually in a classroom.

CrankyParent said…
I'll ask tomorrow. It usually takes a few days to get the any records I request, but I'll let you know.
Anonymous said…
Thank you, CrankyParent. We are new to the public schools, after having kids in private for the last few years. Once we get our letter about placement, I'll delurk and get a bit more involved personally, and figure out how to make these requests myself. Just want to make sure my kid gets into the school first.


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