I hate to be so tedious about all of this, but the District still has not updated the School Reports as they promised to do in December.

When I contacted Mark Teoh about this he wrote back to say that he would write to me the following week. That was three weeks ago, and I still have not heard from him.

I have written to him and the Board, but still haven't heard back.


Steve said…
What is Mark's email address. 50 people asking the same question and copying board numbers might do the trick.
mirmac1 said…
Charlie Mas said…
I got an email from Mr. Teoh today in which he says that the data will be corrected on next year's school reports. He also pretends that this was always the plan. It wasn't.
Anonymous said…
It seems to me that they all need to start just coming clean with what they do.

It would be far better for Mr. Teoh to say, flat out, I know this was what we promised. We can't/didn't/won't keep that promise for X reason (we are understaffed (hmm, maybe), it was an irrational promise from the start and we erred in making it, --- whatever). Our plan to correct it is to have the correct figures on next year's reports, and we think that is ok because [fill in the reason here].

Until you stop lying (which is what the pretense is -assuming Charlie has correctly identified it as pretense and not cluelessness), you can't address the problem (people-pleasing, inability to accurately assess resources or time needed for a project, inattention to what it takes to accurately assess resources or time needed, whatever). But as long as you lie -- you never address those issues -- and nothing ever changes.

So -- Mr. Teoh (or whoever is the author of the pretense). Just STOP. Just say it. This ISN'T what we promised. We KNOW that. THEN, although you may not be credible on the issue of keeping your promises, for whatever reason, at least you are credible on owning up to what the promise was. Feel that stuff? That is now solid ground under your feet. That is a basis for moving forward. Weaseling, pretending, lying -- you can't move forward from there. Nothing solid under you.


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