Seattle Area Teacher Blog

From Salander:

Here is the blog I have just created for Seattle area teachers.

All are welcome to comment.


Maureen said…
I've just discovered this blog: Stories From School. Regular readers here may be particularly interested in Kristin's posts.

I have been following An Urban Teacher's Education for a while now. He used to teach HS Social Studies somewhere just south of Seattle. He wrote one of the best descriptions of why using students' test scores to evaluate teachers makes no sense that I have seen (can't find it now-he doesn't have a very searchable system.).
MAPsucks said…
Salander, I hope you don't mind if a non-teacher posts once in awhile. If I find anything that I think teachers might be interested in (re: MAP or whatever), I would like to share it.
Salander said…

Posting is open for all! The blog just intended to have more of a teacher sharing focus.

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