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According to the SPS website, Open Enrollment letters are to be mailed out Tuesday, May 31st.
Update: The automatic enrollment/waitlist number is working. 252-0410 - you must have student's ID # and birthdate.  (Thank you to reader Laura for this info.)

There will also be an online lookup tool and automated phone line that families can use to check assignment and waiting list status. These should be available by mid-day May 31, so check back here for the online link and phone number.

Also, the district wants to remind families that there will be no SPS summer programs but there's a summer resource list .

Free Youth Cardiac-Screenings at Garfield on Wednesday, June 1st from 8 am to 5 p.m.  These are in partnership with the Nick of Time Foundation.   The screening takes about 25 minutes.

Screening packets are available at the Garfield office or Teen Health Clinic or can be downloaded.  You can also pre-register your child for a screening by email (jasmine.brooks@seattlechildrens.org) or call the Garfield Teen Health Clinic at 860-0480.  

Rainier Beach High is having a Community Celebration at their school on Friday, June 3rd from 5:30-8 p.m.  Free food, student performances and other activities in the cafeteria and courtyard.


Shipping Jobs said…
I think it's a real challenge for the Seattle School District to do that
Anonymous said…
Shipping, it's a real challenge for SPS to do anything.

Are you kidding me? That's it for the list? If that's all they can come up with, why bother? Seattle Child Magazine has hundreds of camps etc. And to think, one of the listed options for summer is to go to Shoreline Public Schools. How lame is that?

Laura said…
The automatic enrollment/waitlist number is working. 252-0410 must have student's ID # and birthdate. We got Salmon Bay for 1st grade. Yeah.

Anonymous said…
Here is the link to check Student Assignment and/or Waiting List Status


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