RIFs (I'm Puzzled)

I may have missed something so please help me out if you know the answer to this confusion.

I was just putting in a public disclosure request for RIFs - the categories, schools and subjects (if secondary schools).  I wanted to give the request some context so I looked for the district's own numbers.

Here's my confusion.  First, there is one presentation from a work session on April 27th.   Then, there is one staff presentation from May 4th and one to the Board on May 5th.  The one on May 4th matches the April 27th Work Session presentation. But they don't match in numbers or categories with the May 5th one.

April 27th/May 4th both say they will RIF 30 certificated individuals (27.5 FTE).    It also says they will RIF 49 Classified staff (42.05 FTE - 13 SAEOP FTE and 36 paraprofessionals).   So if you wanted to add them all up, you get 79 people RIFed from throughout the district.  

But the May 5th one says 36 people certificated employees will be RIFed.   Linda Shaw's report in the Times said "about 30 teachers and 40 other employees."  

In both they say 8.5 "counselors" will be cut, with the May 4th saying 1.8 elementary, 3.7 middle and 3.0 high school.   However in the Board presentation of May 5th, it says 11 elementary counselors.  

I know there are RIFs in classified versus certificated and that may be the issue but why so many different presentations?  If I didn't know better, I'd think staff were trying to confuse the issue.

I wasn't here for any of this so I have no notes to fall back on.  I went to my go-to person, Dorothy Neville, but she's not available. 

Any thoughts?


Anonymous said…
Just stand in the corner and watch.

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