A Brave Seattle Teacher (Who Can No Longer Teach)

A beautiful and moving video, Defining Honor, is about former Adams Elementary teacher, Joseph Skillings.  In 2008, he intervened to help a woman being harassed at a bus stop and was beaten so badly he suffered brain damage.  He is no longer able to teach but continues to volunteer and inspire at Adams.    Thank you to The Stranger Slog for this important video.  


anonymous said…
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mirmac1 said…
Another great teacher (even if not "officially")
Charlie Mas said…
This video is a bit of a tear-jerker. Don't watch it without a handkerchief.
Anonymous said…
I taught Joseph in the MIT program at Seattle University. We all knew then that he was going to be one of those most-special teachers who would transform students' lives. He was making a true difference in the learning lives of children. As a teacher, Joseph would have continued to reach countless children -- but he did what we all hope someone would do for us in a similar horrible moment -- he stepped in front of mayhem and paid an unimaginable price. Look what's come of it -- he's now putting those same gifts and energies into real good for others, just as he did as a teacher. Good on ya, Joseph!

A Concerned Teacher Educator

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