SPS to be Closed on Wednesday, January 18th

From the district;

All schools canceled for Wednesday, Jan. 18.

All after-school activities canceled.

All Seattle Public Schools will be closed on Wednesday, Jan. 18 because of predicted winter weather that might make it difficult and potentially unsafe to transport students to schools.

Between five and 10 inches of snow is predicted to fall in south Seattle. All after-school events are cancelled Tuesday night and will be cancelled on Wednesday night. This includes games, practices, events, plays, meetings, etc.

The John Stanford Center for Educational Excellence will remain open. Employees are asked to monitor email and voicemail in the morning for any additional news, and to use best judgment when commuting to work.

A decision on whether or not to postpone Wednesday’s School Board meeting will be made by noon.

On Tuesday, a change in weather patterns meant Seattle Public Schools had both a two-hour delayed start and a two-hour early dismissal. Interim Superintendent Dr. Susan Enfield apologized for the inconvenience to families, students and staff,but stressed that decisions are made erring on the side of caution.


Anonymous said…
I asked the Wedgwood secretary if the kids would have to make today up, and she said that technically students need 3/4 of a day to count, but with the late start and early release it wasn't even half a day. Not sure how long middle schoolers and high schoolers were at school? Anyway, she thought the district would try to find a way to make it count as a day of school. I asked my 5th grader's teacher what they did today and it was writing, lunch and recess. Crazy day for sure, but I can imagine how hard it must be to predict weather for the entire district. When I dropped off my kids at 10:35 it was snowing very hard, but my husband at UW said it was raining there.


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