Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Seattle Schools Closed Thursday, January 19th

From the district:

“We hoped that students and staff could return to school on Thursday, but forecasts right now are showing continuing severe weather, including the potential for icy roads,” said Dr. Susan Enfield, Interim Superintendent. “We want to err on the side of caution, and also give families enough time to plan for another snow day.”

Please note that the 4 p.m., Thursday, Jan. 19 School Board Committee of the Whole meeting has not been canceled. As of now, that meeting will take place, and a decision on whether or not to cancel will be made by noon Thursday. However, the John Stanford Center for Educational Excellence will be closed to all non-essential personnel.

As of this afternoon, Seattle Public Schools has not yet determined when and how the snow days will be made up this year. That announcement will be made early next week.


KG said...

Most of them are non-essential

Tina said...

More importantly, how are the schools going to provide ample student/teacher time to prepare for exams which begin on Monday in the high schools. The results of final tests and projects weigh into GPA, class ranking, and college applications. Taking end of term exams lightly will signal a blase attitude toward student achievement. I would recommend adding an extra week to 1st semester with exams beginning on January 30. Also, I would recommend throwing the furlough hoopla out with last year's xmas tree.

Anonymous said...

Excellent suggestion Tina, but far too practical and genuinely tied to student success to matter to the ideologues.

Mr Ed

Anonymous said...

School closed tomorrow (Friday) too. A lot of my middle school students walk dark streets for a mile or more, so I'm glad for them not to have to walk in the morning, but I've been frustrated that they are missing instruction for this semester. I LOVE the idea of extending the semester one week.