Marty McLaren Wants to Hear from You

From our friends at the West Seattle Blog we learn that new Board member Marty McLaren has stepped up in a big way to hear what constituents are thinking about the capacity management plans for next year.   (I'm sorry for not posting this earlier - still nursing that cold - but there are still two other meetings.)

*Tomorrow, Saturday, January 7th, Southwest Library, 10 am-noon
*Monday, January 9th, at West Seattle Library, 10 am-noon
*Saturday, January 14th, Delridge Library, 11 am-1 pm


grousefinder said…
Having attended Marty's first event today, I can state unequivocally that the group at this gathering could be characterized more like a "think tank" than a "mob." Marty deftly guided, then questioned, her constituents about their vision, reservations, and priorities. If I juxtapose Marty's work with the public to Sundquist's, I can summarize it in a few words: "She is listening!" Steve ignored everything we said at his public meetings. [And, I attended many.]

At the end of the two hours she asked all of us what we agreed upon. The consensus was straight forward. Fix the overcrowding problems in West Seattle North (e.g. open a closed school or two) and offer a curriculum to all of West Seattle schools that mirror the successes of Schmitz Park. Parents want a math program other than Everyday Math and a science program that does not rely on District NSF kits.

This crowd was intelligent, active and (quite frankly) likable people that knew their stuff. A very passionate crowd! I would select any one of them for a parent committee to address the West Seattle problems.

On a final note: Some parents were supportive of a STEM school, while others said that the STEM concept belongs in all West Seattle schools. All arguments were cogent and passionate. If I could summarize the STEM discussion, I would say it is this: 'Everyone deserves a STEM type curriculum at their school (even if it is just math and science focused).' EDM math was universally rejected (loathed actually) by this crowd.

If you also attend the meeting please feel free to correct any of my misconceptions.
mirmac1 said…
I attended Sundquist's "chats". What a waste of time. Sounds like this was conversation and that people came away feeling that they had been heard.

Anonymous said…
Marty's Facebook page. Friend her and keep up the conversation.
Anonymous said…
I am not surprised to hear that Marty held a productive community meeting with her constituents. Marty's approach and her election to the Board are, in my opinion, what happens when citizens become civically engaged and demand that their public servants be responsive to the public.

Anonymous said…
No wonder Chris Korsmo is soiling her big girl pants!

Mr. Ed
Anonymous said…
I'll trade you 3 do-nothing passive agressive dysfunctional Michael deBell's for one Marty McLaren.



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