Snow - It's Coming

UPDATE: 7:33 pm - SPS Schools will open TWO HOURS LATE on Tuesday, Jan. 17th.   Buses will be operating on snow routes tomorrow, which means that yellow buses run only on roads maintained by the City that receive snow removal.

If you missed it, there's a storm a'brewin'.

According to Cliff Mass:

The big question for days...the question on which the forecast depended on...was where the trough/low pressure would go.  Head north of us, we get perhaps 4-8 inches of snow, followed by a few hours of rain and then the whole thing starts melting.    The snow would start around 3-4 AM on Wednesday AM. This is the best case (if you don't like a crippling snow event).

The bottom line is that there is a serious threat on Wednesday of 8-15 inches of snow over the region, with a minimal turn over to rain.  The biggest snowstorm in years. Anyway, before anyone goes out and buys a snowblower, lets see what tonight's runs show.  If they continue this trend then Slushmageddon might be replaced by Snowmageddon.   In almost any conceivable case, Wednesday morning is going to be very problematic for travel...I suspect there will be a lot of school cancellations and the like.

Up to FIFTEEN inches of  snow.  

The good news is that by Thursday, it is going to be 48-49 degrees and raining so it should not be as problematic as times when the temperature plunges and the snow stays for days.

Want to find out about school closures?  The SPS website will be kept up-to-date.  As well, they do send out notice to the radio and tv stations about school delays and closures.  

Be careful out there by Tuesday PM and thru Wednesday.


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