Enrollment Data Available

I have had no time to check this info out but it is available so I'm putting up this link for anyone who wants to see enrollment data for 2011-2012.


seattle citizen said…
This is interesting, from the Introduction

"District enrollment has been increasing since 2007, with two years of moderate overall growth followed 
by significant growth in 2010‐11. Overall enrollment is up by more than 1,000 students this year over 
last, driven largely by a steady increase in kindergarten enrollment over the past five years. Kindergarten 
enrollment has increased by more than 650 students since 2006, including an increase of about 200 
students this year over last. As these students move through the elementary grades, enrollment in 
grades 1‐5 also continues to climb.  
Growth in kindergarten enrollment is expected to continue. Births five years prior to kindergarten 
enrollment fluctuated between 2006 and 2010, ending up with a difference of about fifty more births 
feeding into 2010 enrollment than births feeding into 2006 enrollment.  During that time period, 
however, the Birth‐to‐Kindergarten ratio1 increased steadily, growing from 63% in 2006 to 73% in 2010. 
In fact, going back five more years, the Birth‐to‐Kindergarten ratio was only 58.6% in 2001, so the 
current ratio is the highest in over a decade.   
At the middle school level (grades 6‐8), this year’s enrollment is almost back up to what it was five years 
ago, following a significant decline between 2006 and 2007.  Enrollment at the high school level has 
been declining for a number of years, reflecting the smaller cohorts of students at lower grades moving 
through the district. High school enrollment declined by about 900 students from 2006 to 2010, 
although there was an increase of about 70 students this year over last year. As the larger elementary 
school cohorts move through middle and high school, those numbers will continue to increase. 
Anonymous said…
Is there any numbers about how large an elementary school needs to be to qualify for 2 principals or an assistant principal?

Just wondering
dw said…
@just wondering, 475 was the last I'd heard, but that was a couple years ago, and things can change. Not to mention that there's no guarantee any single number was used consistently throughout the district during a given year.
Rufus X said…
@Just wondering- Most recently, the magic number was 450, at least for Elem. schools.
Jon said…
If "distict enrollment has been increasing since 2007", why did central administration decide to close a bunch of schools in 2009?
Jon, that's a good question.

The problem, as explained by the demographic consultant, is that the district didn't quite believe the growth would be sustained AND also thought it was localized to a few areas.

I think MGJ thought this would be a way to save money and look authoritative.
Name said…
Re: closing schools even though demographics were rising. I also think the board wanted to look decisive and prove that they could do what the old board couldn't. Staff became obsessed with trying to solve old problems using the capacity management as a cover (end all city draw, reduce transportation, close Summit and AAA, get Pathfinder a new building, do something with SBOC, punish AS#1 and NOVA for being so stubbornly non-conformist, split up APP.
robyn said…
2010 was the lowest birth rate in a century. By the time all the new schools you ask for are open we won't need them.
Charlie Mas said…
The official determination of the staffing tiers is made when the Weighted Staffing Standards (WSS) is determined. This is all part of budget development.

As the Board and the senior staff turn their attention to budget development in February you will hear this discussed. I wish I could say that you will hear it debated, but discussed is the best we can hope for.
RosieReader said…
This information is fascinating. Those who have been worried that it will be difficult for their HS student to opt for a school other than their attendance area should be very reassured. in Section 6, there's a chart that reveals just how much movement there has been among the schools in 2010. See also, the Historical First Choice and High School enrollment by Attendance area under Section 3.

Of course, there are still 2 grades in each HS which were assigned before the new assignment plan, but overall, these numbers show that there's a lot of movement between schools, and at least in the north end, in all directions.
Dorothy Neville said…
Actually, Charlie, the core staffing part of the WSS has been deeply debated by the WSS team. As long as weather doesn't cancel it, look for a discussion at tomorrow's board worksession. Expect changes. While the current budget development scenario looks like it might protect WSS for the most part, the core staffing model might undergo some changes that will reduce core staff in a few schools while providing more staffing flexibility in others. That is supposed to be part of tomorrow's discussion and that worksession is the only reason I am crossing my fingers against snow.

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