City Club is Looking for Heroes

I was pleased to find out that City Club took over the Jefferson Awards went the PI went dark.   The Jefferson Awards "recognize, inspire and activate volunteerism and public service in communities, workplaces and schools across America."  The awards are presented on a national and local level.  The program started in 1972 "to create a Nobel Prize for public service." 

"From the beginning the Jefferson awards has been based on a simple idea.  One of the most powerful ideas in the world.  One person can make a difference.  That is the heart of democracy at work." 

I was nominated for the work we did as part of the entire Closure and Consolidation Committee.  It was somewhat embarrassing because we were doing difficult and intense work but it was short-term.   Frankly, the award winners were just awe-inspiring. 

There are people out in our communities, doing yeoman's work in service to our city.  If you know such a person, please nominate him or her.  The nomination materials must be received by Friday, Feb. 10th. 


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