Fun for the Kids (Well, Not Today)

A couple of things came across my radar that I wanted to let you parents of younger students know about.

One the Woodland Park Zoo is having a Hippo Weigh-in Contest for its two hippos, Water Lily and Guadalupe.  Entries taken until Jan. 27th.   Might be a good research project for your kids to look up the average weight of a female hippo and, using math (gasp!) figure out an average. 

Also, the Seattle International Film Festival is having a Films4Families Series that started last week but continues through Feb. 26th.   The films each show a couple of weekends.  The first in the series is ET, then The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, a Looney Tunes Cartoon Festival and then The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T.   (I will be attending the Looney Tunes Cartoon Festival as I love those great old ones.)


Lori said…
SIFF is also running the "Best Documentaries of 2011" right now, and I can highly recommend "Being Elmo" this Saturday afternoon as a great family picture. My 8-year old and I saw it during the film festival and both loved it. It's the wonderful, real-life story of the puppeteer, Kevin Clash, following his dreams and embracing his gifts, even when that made him "different" from the other kids.

Elmo is in the movie, of course, but this isn't necessarily a movie that toddlers or preschoolers will enjoy. Elementary school age and beyond though will probably enjoy the beyond-the-scenes look at the Muppets (particularly now that they are back on the big screen too). It's just a feel-good, joyful film, and all the better that it's a true story. Too bad that the weather might keep people away from this limited (one-day) showing!

WV is hilariously "moluvies" probably because I did luv this movie!

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