Wednesday, January 18, 2012

School Board Meeting Tonight Canceled

This meeting has been rescheduled for Jan. 25th.


Anonymous said...

Does that mean we can revisit the (not-even-designed yet) STEM Option school at Boren? The one that administrators, principals and a handful of FACMAC/Schmitz Park reps wanted?

WS Mom

Anonymous said...

It was suggested by several people at Marty's Monday community meeting last week that the Schmitz Park principal and 1/2 of the teachers be moved to the STEM at Boren to get a jump start on the project!

No parents from SP were at that meeting, but I wonder how many parents would actually sign their kids up at Boren? It seems like everyone says "yes, it's a good idea---but for someone else's kids, not mine." Actually, there was a straw poll taken and only one parent at the meeting (out of about 20) said they would sign their K-5 kid up for next year at Boren with the current plan.

lost trust in SPS