Yes, Director Community Meetings are on for Tomorrow

I contacted both Michael DeBell and Sharon Peaslee and their community meetings scheduled for tomorrow are still on. 


seattle citizen said…
Meanwhile, "the newest members of the board" can sit at the knee of the Seattle Times and "find guidance in the [new superintentend/board]policies", according to today's Times paid political announcement: A smart proposal spells out board-superintendent relationship for Seattle Public Schools

"...The newest members of the board, Marty McLaren and Sharon Peaslee, were elected last fall after pledging to be tough district critics in the wake of a small-business contracting scandal that cost the jobs of the former superintendent and the chief operating officer.
McLaren and Peaslee will find guidance in the policies. For board members Kay Smith-Blum and Betty Patu, the policies are a reminder of how an effective board operates."

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