Let's Discuss the Survey Results

From the "Hmmm" category (an SPS announcement):

Each spring, Seattle Public Schools administers a survey to all families, school staff and students about instruction, leadership, and family engagement. Teachers, families and community members are invited to join school leaders 5:30-7 p.m., Feb. 2 at the John Stanford Center for a meeting that will include an overview of last year’s survey results, small group discussions to gather feedback on improving the surveys and Q&A. For questions, comments, and accommodation requests, please contact research@seattleschools.org.

This could be very interesting and probably worth going to if only to listen.


dan dempsey said…
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seattle citizen said…
It appears that they will be redesigning/modifying the survey. This is a good opportunity to suggest changes. You can email your suggestions to the email provided, research@seattleschools.org. And/or attend the meeting!
Kate Martin said…
I would very much like to revamp the climate surveys. I don’t think we’re getting the information we need from teachers, parents, and students. I also think it’s possible that the important questions are not being asked. And how exactly do these surveys inform our practices?

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